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Appendix II: Approved Distribution Courses

To determine which courses fulfill the approved distribution requirement, students must check descriptions of the courses in the College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin, while also using this Undergraduate School of Education Bulletin, and carefully choose the courses with designations of A & H, S & H, or N & M that are required for the licensed program being sought.

Courses with two or more prerequisite courses that carry distribution credit in the same area are not normally listed for automatic distribution credit, since it is assumed that students would have completed the distribution requirement in that area while completing the prerequisite courses that carry distribution credit.

Students should contact the office of the assistant deans in Kirkwood Hall 012 under the following circumstances:

  • they have unusual proficiency that prepares them for an upper-level course not listed on this chart and that would ordinarily require two or more prerequisite courses that carry distribution credit in a particular area;
  • they have the permission of the instructor to enter the course without the stated prerequisites;
  • they would like to use the upper-level course to fulfill a distribution requirement.
Arts and Humanities: A & H

Social and Historical Studies: S & H

Natural and Mathematical Sciences: N & M

A & H S & H N & M

African Studies
L231, L232

Afro-American Studies A112, A141, A142, A150, A249, A277, A278, A290, A350, A352, A359, A379, A380, A383, A384, A385, A389, A392, A393, A394, A395, A396, A397, A430, A479, A480, A485, A489, A496 A205, A210, A250, A255, A263, A265, A355, A356, A360, A363, A382, A386, A391, A405, A407, A408, A415, A425, A452, A481

American Studies A200, A201, A202

Anthropology E310, E312, E460, E463 A105, A150, A200, A303, B310, E101, E105, E110, E200, E205, E230, E240, E303, E307, E319, E320, E321, E322, E327, E329, E330, E332, E334, E340, E370, E371, E372, E381, E382, E385, E387, E392, E397, E398, E417, E418, E420, E427, E430, E445, E455, E457, L200, L320, P200, P210, P220, P230, P310, P314, P315, P360, P361 B200, B301, B368, B370, B466, P380, P385

A & H S & H N & M

Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design
H265, H411


A100, A105, A110, A115, A201, A202


B300, B364, B368, E111, E112, L100, L104, L111, L112, L113, L211, L302, L322, L330, L340, L341, L350, L369, L440, M250, M430, S211

Central Eurasian Studies U345, U385, U390, U394, U424, U426, U450, U481, U484 U253, U284, U333, U368, U369, U370, U388, U395, U397, U398, U423, U427, U436, U483, U489, U490, U493, U494, U496, U497


C100, C101, C102, C103, C105, C106, C341, C342, C360, C361, C430, C460, C483, C484, C485, S105, S106, S341, S342

A & H S & H N & M

Classical Studies C101, C102, C205, C206, C308 C310, C311, C350, C351, C360, C361, C405, C409, C412, C413, C414, C416, C419, C420, C421, G305, G306, G307, G308, G406, G407, G410, G411, L305, L307, L308, L309

Cognitive Science

Q240, Q250, Q270, Q301, Q320, Q351

College of Arts and Sciences E103, S103 E104, S104 E105, S105

Collins Living Learning Center L110, L115, L210, L215, L310, L315 L120, L125, L220, L225, L320, L325 L130, L135, L230, L235, L330, L335

Communication and Culture C190, C205, C228, C238, C304, C306, C312, C313, C321, C323, C324, C326, C335, C339, C392, C393, C394, C398, C414, C416, C418 C122, C201, C202, C203, C204, C223, C225, C229, C290, C292, C301, C305, C311 C314, C315, C336, C380, C411, C412, C413, C415, C417, C420, C422

Comparative Literature C100, C145, C146, C147, C151, C155, C200, C205, C216, C217, C218, C219, C251, C252, C255, C256, C257, C261, C265, C266, C291, C300, C305, C310, C311, C313, C315, C321, C325, C329, C333, C335, C337, C340, C347, C350, C351, C355, C356, C357, C358, C361, C365, C370, C375, C400, C405, C415, C417, C445, C446, C464, C492

A & H S & H N & M

Computer Science

A110, A201, A202, B351, B401, B403, B441, B443, B481, C211, C212, C241, C311, C335, C343, H211, H212, H241, H311, H335, H343, P415, P423, P436, P442, P465-P466

Criminal Justice
P100, P200, P202, P301, P302, P303, P305, P306, P340, P360, P375, P380, P381, P412, P413, P414, P415, P417, P419, P420, P422, P423, P435, P457, P462, P471, P482 K300

East Asian Languages and Cultures C431, E100, E160, E201, E202, E231, E232, E233, E270, E271, E300, E301, E303, E321, E322, E331, E332, E333, E351, E374, E471, E472, E473, J431, K431, K432 E101, E180, E203, E204, E251, E252, E256, E302, E305, E350, E352, E354, E384, E385, E386, E390, E392, E393, E394, J441 J421

A & H S & H N & M

E201, E202, E303, E304, E305, E308, E309, E321, E322, E327, E359, E364, E496, S201, S202, S321, S322 E370, S370

English A202, E301, E302, E303, E304, L141, L142, L198, L202, L203, L204, L205, L206, L207, L208, L210, L213, L214, L220, L230, L240, L241, L249, L295, L305, L306, L308, L309, L313, L314, L317, L318, L320, L327, L332, L335, L345, L346, L347, L348, L350, L351, L352, L354, L355, L356, L357, L358, L360, L363, L364, L365, L366, L367, L369, L371, L373, L374, L375, L378, L380, L381, L383, L384, L389, L390, L391, L395

Fine Arts A160, A206, A226, A231, A234, A250, A276, A310, A316, A323, A329, A346, A347, A348, A349, A356, A360, A412, A413, A414, A447, A471, A472, A473, A474, F100, F101, F102, H100, H150, N110, N198, S200, S220, S230, S240, S250, S260, S270, S271, S280, S291, S301, S311, S321, S331, S341, S343, S344, S351, S352, S361, S371, S381, S392, S445, T230, T320 A101, A102, A108, A150, A214, A233, A262, A290, A311, A312, A321, A322, A325, A327, A330, A331, A332, A333, A334, A335, A337, A341, A342, A345, A351, A352, A372, A415, A417, A421, A423, A424, A425, A426, A436, A437, A443, A452, A453, A454, A458, A464, A466, A467, A476, A480

A & H S & H N & M

Folklore and Ethnomusicology F101, F111, F121, F131, F252, F301, F305, F307, F312, F315, F320, F351, F352, F354, F356, F358, F360, F363, F364, F389, F404, F410, F420, F440, F492, F494 F251, F253, F430, F497

French and Italian F300, F303, F304, F305, F306, F310, F311, F350, F361, F362, F363, F375, F410, F413, F425, F435, F436, F443, F446, F450, F451, F453, F456, F459, M234, M235, M305, M306, M307, M308, M333, M345, M390, M403, M445, M450, M453, M455, M463, S300 F317

Gender Studies G101, G225, G290, G310 G102, G215, G230, G235, G303, G325, G335, G399, G402, G425

A & H S & H N & M

G110, G120, G210, G302, G312, G314, G315, G316, G317, G320, G323, G324, G326, G340, G341, G409, G412, G414, G415, G416, G419, G425, G427, G428, G441 G107, G109, G185, G208, G237, G250, G304, G305, G307, G336, G337, G338, G350, G405, G407, G421, G431, G433, G434, G436, G438, G439, G470, G471, G472, G473, G475, G477, G488, G489

Geological Sciences

G103, G104, G105, G111, G112, G114, G116, G121, G131, G141, G150, G161, G171, G221, G222, G225, G300, G302, G316, G321, G329, G341, S121, S124

Germanic Studies G255, G305, G306, G350, G363, G364, G390, G403, G404, G415, G416, G418, N450, V406, Y300, Y350 G262, G277, G362, G464, N350, V400 G448, G451, G458

A100, A200, A222, A225, A261, A300, A301, A302, A303, A304, A307, A309, A310, A311, A313, A315, A317, A319, A325, A326, A337, A338, A345, A346, A347, A351, A352, A353, A354, A355, A356, A361, A362, A363, A365, A366, A370, A380, A381, A382, A383, A389, A400, B100, B200, B204, B224, B260, B300, B321, B322, B323, B324, B325, B342, B343, B351, B352, B353, B354, B355, B356, B357, B358, B359, B360, B361, B362, B366, B368, B377, B378, B391, B400, C100, C200, C300, C380, C386, C387, C388, C390, C391, C393, C400, D100, D101, D200, D300, D302, D303, D304, D305, D306, D308, D309, D310, D320, D321, D322, D325, D327, D328, D400, E100, E200, E300, E331, E332, E333, E334, E336, E338, E400, F100, F200, F300, F336, F343, F346, F400, G100, G101, G200, G300, G357, G358, G369, G372, G380, G382, G383, G385, G387, G400, H101, H102, H103, H104, H105, H106, H115, H203, H205, H206, H207, H208, H209, H210, H211, H212, H213, H217, H220, H223, H227, H231, H237, H240, H251, H252, H259, H260, H263, H333, J200, J300, J400, J450, T300, T400, W100, W200, W300, W325, W400

A & H S & H N & M

History and Philosophy of Science X100, X207, X308, X338, X390, X391, X394, X451, X452, X456 X102, X110, X205, X210, X222, X369, X370, X371, X406, X407 X200, X253

Honors H203, H211 H204, H212 H205

India Studies I300, I347, I368, I370, I371, I380

Jewish Studies C240, H375, L380, L385, L390, L395

Latin American and Caribbean Studies L420 L300, L301, L400, L402, L403, L406

Latino Studies
L111, L210, L211, L380, L396

Liberal Arts Management Program


Linguistics L114 L103, L111, L112, L113, L205, L210, L327, L367, L430, L480, L481 L303, L306, L307, L308, L310, L325, L445


A118, D117, M118, M119, M120, M211-M212, M213, M301, M303, M311, M330, M337, M343, M344, M347, M365, M371, M385, M391, M453, S118, S212, S303, S311, T321, T336

A & H S & H N & M

Medical Science

A215, P215

Medieval Studies M200

Music M393, M394, M395, M396, M397, T151, T152, T251, T252, T351, T410, T418, Z101, Z102, Z103, Z111, Z201, Z202, Z301, Z320, Z375, Z393, Z395, Z401, Z402, Z413 M401, M402 Z396

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures N205, N225, N300, N330, N365, N370, N380, N385, P365 N220, N245, N265, N325, N340, N350

Philosophy P100, P103, P105, P135, P140, P145, P150, P201, P205, P211, P240, P242, P246, P270, P301, P304, P305, P310, P312, P319, P320, P328, P330, P332, P335, P340, P342, P343, P345, P346, P347, P352, P360, P366, P370, P371, P374, P375, P401, P470
P250, P251


P101, P105, P111, P120, P125, P150, P151, P201, P202, P211, P221, P222, P300, P301, P310, P321, P331, P332, P340, P360, P400, P401, P410, P425, P441, P442, P453, P454

A & H S & H N & M

Political Science Y105, Y212, Y379, Y381, Y382, Y383, Y384, Y385, Y388 Y100, Y101, Y102, Y103, Y107, Y109, Y200, Y204, Y205, Y210, Y211, Y301, Y302, Y303, Y304, Y305, Y306, Y307, Y308, Y311, Y313, Y315, Y317, Y318, Y319, Y320, Y324, Y325, Y326, Y331, Y332, Y333, Y334, Y335, Y337, Y338, Y339, Y340, Y342, Y343, Y345, Y346, Y347, Y350, Y352, Y353, Y360, Y361, Y362, Y363, Y366, Y367, Y368, Y372, Y375, Y376, Y391, Y394, Y401 Y395

P102, P152, P315, P316, P319, P320, P323, P324, P460 P101, P106, P151, P201, P204, P211, P303, P325, P327, P328, P329, P330, P335, P336, P350, P405, P417, P438

Religious Studies R102, R152, R153, R160, R170, R180, R201, R202, R210, R220, R222, R245, R250, R257, R264, R270, R271, R280, R300, R310, R311, R317, R320, R322, R325, R327, R330, R331, R333, R335, R336, R338, R340, R341, R342, R345, R348, R349, R350, R352, R354, R356, R357, R358, R360, R362, R364, R365, R367, R368, R369, R371, R372, R373, R374, R375, R376, R380, R410, R420, R425, R430, R432, R434, R445, R450, R452, R454, R456, R458, R462, R465, R469, R473, R474

A & H S & H N & M

Russian and East European Institute
R301, R302, R303

Slavic Languages and Literatures C223, C363, C364, C365, P223, P363, P364, P365, R123, R223, R263, R264, R334, R345, R349, R352, R353, R405, R406, R407, R408, S223, S363, S364 R403, R404

H100, S100, S101, S105, S201, S210, S215, S217, S220, S230, S302, S305, S308, S309, S311, S312, S313, S315, S316, S317, S319, S320, S321, S324, S325, S326, S327, S329, S335, S338, S339, S340, S344, S360, S361, S370, S409, S410, S412, S413, S417, S419, S420, S422, S427, S431, S433, S435, S438, S439, S441, S450 S110, S371

A & H S & H N & M

Spanish and Portuguese C450, P400, P401, P412, P420, S220, S260, S284, S331, S332, S333, S407, S408, S411, S412, S413, S417, S418, S419, S420, S425, S426, S435, S450, S470, S471, S472, S473, S474, S479, S480

Speech and Hearing Sciences
S110 S111, S115, S201, S290, S302, S307, S319, S433

Telecommunications T206, T416 T101, T191, T192, T195, T205, T207, T242, T311, T312, T313, T314, T316, T317, T321, T322, T329, T348, T413, T414, T421, T422, T424, T425, T427, T445, T480

Theatre and Drama T100, T115, T210, T370, T371, T460, T461, T462, T468

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