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Admission to the University

All freshmen are expected to meet the admission standards outlined in the freshman application materials. Please contact the admissions office of the campus in which you are interested for specific information and deadlines.

For Indiana University Bloomington, direct all questions concerning admission to the Office of Admissions, Bloomington, Indiana 47405-7700; telephone (812) 855-0661.

For IUPUI, direct all questions concerning admission to the Admissions Office, 425 University Blvd., Cavanaugh Hall 129, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5143; telephone (317) 274-4591.

Transfer Applicants
Indiana University will consider Indiana residents with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) and nonresidents with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 (on a 4.0 scale) in an appropriate number of courses that fulfill Indiana University's degree requirements. Each application is reviewed individually. We are primarily concerned with the applicant's intended major, the depth and breadth of academic program, grade trends, and the cumulative and most recent semester GPA. However, there is no grade point average that in itself assures admission.

Older, Nontraditional Freshmen and Transfer Students
Both the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses encourage older, nontraditional prospective students to apply for admission to the school's undergraduate programs. When considering applications from nontraditional students, the university evaluates not only typical admission criteria (SAT scores, high school rank, etc.) when appropriate, but also carefully evaluates other pertinent information such as the applicant's work experience, volunteer activities, previous college course work, and motivation as measured by a variety of indicators.

International Students applying to study at Bloomington should use the IU international application form. In addition to academic qualifications, students must show proficiency in English and proof of financial support before admission and travel documents are issued. Application information many be obtained from the Office of International Admissions, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 47405-7700, U.S.A.; telephone (317) 855-4306.

International Students applying to study at IUPUI should use the IUinternational application form. In addition to academic qualifications, they must show proficiency in English and proof of financial support before the travel documents are issued. Application information may be obtained from the International Student Services Office, Union Building 207, 620 Union Drive, IUPUI, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-2897, U.S.A. Or, call (317) 274-7294.

Application Deadlines
At Bloomington, priority dates for fall semester are February 15 for freshmen and July 15 for transfer students. Spring semester priority dates are November 15 for freshmen and November 1 for transfer students.

At IUPUI, students must apply by June 1 for the fall semester, October 1 for the spring semester, March 15 for summer session I and May 1 for summer session II, in order to complete placement testing and academic advising requirements. All degree-seeking beginning students are required to complete English and math placement tests before receiving academic advising and registering for classes.

Failure to Enroll
If a student does not enroll during the session indicated on the application for admission, the student must notify the campus Office of Admissions in writing and ask for a deferment of matriculation for up to one year. If the student has not attended another university subsequent to the original application, the chances of being admitted at the later date are very good, depending upon available space and final semester high school grades. If the student has attended another university, a transfer application and official transcripts of all college course work will be required. A second application fee will not be required.

Special Fees
Students should be aware that enrollment in certain required professional education courses carries special fees mandated by the Trustees of Indiana University. These special fees are assessed for all students, residents and nonresidents, and must be paid regardless of whether the student intends to seek a teacher license. For up-to-date information about fees in effect at registration time, see the campus Schedule of Classes or contact the Early Experience Office, School of Education 1020, Bloomington; or call (812) 856-8502.

Education Early Experience Fee
Students pay a fee at registration for specific courses required for teaching licenses. An extra single fee will be assessed for a specific course in each endorsement or minor area. Please see your campus Schedule of Classes for a list of courses to which this fee is applied.

Education Practicum and Student Teaching Fees
Students enrolled in education practicums and student teaching courses will be assessed an additional fee per course. Please see your campus Schedule of Classes for a list of courses to which this fee is applied.

Registration and Orientation
At the Bloomington campus, all freshmen are urged to take advantage of the registration/orientation program that takes place on campus in June and July. Students may select one two-day session to come to Bloomington, meet with their advisors, and register for classes. For those students who are unable to come in June or July, there is a registration period in August the week before classes begin. In addition, all freshmen on the Bloomington campus are expected to participate in the fall orientation program, which acquaints them with campus organizations and services.

At IUPUI, all new students are contacted by mail regarding orientation activities. Specific information about course registration is printed in each IUPUI Schedule of Classes, which is available prior to each registration period. An IUPUI Schedule of Classes may be obtained in the School of Education Student Services Office, at the Office of the Registrar or at Indianapolis-area public libraries.

Academic Advising
The main functions of the academic advisor are to discuss with each student the content of the semester's course work, to discuss future course work in terms of interests and aptitudes, to discuss ways to improve and enrich academic performance, and to explain academic policies as needed. Freshmen typically see their advisors for a minimum of two conferences each semester. Sophomores, juniors, or seniors are urged to see an advisor before registration for each new semester in order to plan course work. Students may initiate conferences with an advisor at any time.

At Bloomington, all students entering IU directly from high school and all students transferring to IU during their freshman year enter the University Division. The University Division conducts orientation activities, provides academic advising, monitors student academic progress, coordinates the awarding of advanced credit and placement, and assists in the development of new or specialized course work. Upper-level students should contact the Office of Teacher Education in the Education Building or call (812) 856-8510 to make an appointment to see an academic advisor.

All IUPUI beginning undergraduates and undergraduate transfer students with fewer than 18 credits who meet the requirements for Education will be admitted simultaneously to the University College. The University College will provide each student with the following threshold experiences: testing/placement, orientation, advising for registration first semester, and enrollment in first-year seminars. Students who satisfactorily complete current GPA requirements will be transferred to the School of Education.

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