Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Ph.D. Minor in History of Education

The minor in History of Education requires at least 12 semester hours of courses approved by a faculty advisor in the program area. The course work required for this minor cannot duplicate those taken in the major field. Courses may not be counted toward core and elective credit requirements.

Minor Requirements (12 cr.)

History of Education Core (6 cr.)

  • H504 History of American Education (3 cr.)
  • C654 Higher Education in the United States (3 cr.)

In special circumstances, the advisor for the minor may approve a substitute for the second foundations core course, such as an additional 600-level H-course in the history of education taught in the School of Education beyond what is required for the history of education specialization.

Specialization (6 cr.)

Select 6 hours from the following courses:

  • H590 Independent Study or Research in History, Philosophy, and Comparative Education (3 cr.)
  • H601 Historical Methods (3 cr.)
  • H637 Topical Seminar on a history of education topic (3 cr.)

In special circumstances, the advisor for the minor may approve the substitution for one of the two specialization courses a relevant graduate course in history taught in the History Department or another relevant department.

No more than 3 transfer credits may be applied to fulfilling the requirements for the minor.

The doctoral minor in History of Education does not require a minor qualifying exam. 

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