Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

M.S.Ed. in History and Philosophy of Education

This master's program is available only at Bloomington. It provides students the opportunity for growth in fundamental abilities that contribute clarity of direction and purpose to the professional tasks of educators. The program allows the student to inquire into the historical roots of educational policies and problems and to explore the relationship between educational philosophies and the practices and policies of educational and other social institutions.

The 36 credit hour master's degree in history and philosophy of education is usually a step toward the doctorate and should be individually planned. Students should consult the program faculty before applying for admission.

Degree Requirements (36 cr.)

Major Requirements (15 cr.)

  • H504 History of American Education (3 cr.)
  • H530 Philosophy of Education (3 cr.)

Nine additional credit hours of H-prefixed courses in the School of Education, approved by the program advisor. (9 cr.)

Course Work outside the School of Education (9 cr.)

Course work must be relevant to the history and philosophy of education and should be selected in consultation with the program advisor.

Elective Requirements (12 cr.)

Courses must be relevant to the degree and may be taken in the School of Education or outside departments. Elective courses must be approved by the program advisor.

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