Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Ed.S. in Educational Leadership

Stay ahead of new developments and work toward a superintendent license by earning the Ed.S. in Educational Leadership. This degree prepares you for leadership in these settings:

Public and nonpublic schools

State departments of education

Intermediate school service units

National and state professional associations

Course work includes faculty-directed research and field studies in school districts. You willll have ample opportunity to apply what you have learned in the classroom to solve real-world challenges.

You must have at least two years of classroom or school counseling experience to enroll in the program.

Degree Requirements (65 cr.)

Major Requirements (24 cr.)

  • A600 Problems in Educational Leadership (3 cr.)
  • A615 Advanced School of Law (3 cr.)
  • A631 Microeconomic Applications to Education (3 cr.)
  • A638 Public School Personnel Management (3 cr.)
  • A640 Planning Educational Facilities (3 cr.)
  • A653 The Organizational Context of Education (3 cr.)
  • A671 Planning and Change in Educational Organizations (3 cr.) or A672 Moral Dimensions of Leadership (3 cr.)
  • A754 Seminar in Research in Educational Leadership (3 cr.)

*Please note A675 and A720 can be substituted for one of the courses above with advisor approval.

Inquiry Requirement (6 cr.)

  • Y502 Intermediate Statistics Applied to Education (3 cr.)

Select one course from the following

  • Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • Y535 Evaluation Models and Techniques (3 cr.)
  • Y635 Methodology of Educational Evaluation (3 cr.)

Elective Requirement (17 cr.)

  • A560 Political Perspectives of Education (3 cr.)

Course work must be relevant to your program and should be selected in consultation with the program advisor.

Cognate Requirement (9 cr.)

The cognate must have integrity in its own right and must complement the major. The cognate field must demonstrate wholeness within itself and contribute to the student's overall doctoral program.

Capstone and Practicum (6 cr.)

Select one course from the following:

  • A680 Education Specialist Seminar (Educational Leadership) (3 cr.)
  • A795 Dissertation Proposal Preparation (1-3 cr.)
  • A785 Internship in Educational Leadership (3 cr.)

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