Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Certificate in Student Affairs and Higher Education Fundraising and Development

Certificate Requirements (15 cr.)

Required Courses (9 cr.)

  • C585 Principles of Fundraising Management (3 cr.)
  • C590 Establishing a Culture of Giving in Higher Education (3 cr.)
  • C680 Philanthropy and Higher Education (3 cr.)

Elective Requirements (3 cr.)

Possible course options include:

  • EDUC-C595: Legal Aspects of Philanthropy (3 credits)
  • PHST-P542: Ethics and Values (3 credits)
  • PHST-P527: Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Philanthropy (3 credits)
  • PHST-P523: History of American Philanthropy (3 credits)
  • PHST-P515: History of Philanthropy (3 credits)

Practical Application/Research Requirement (3 credits)

  • EDUC-U560: Internship in Student Affairs (1-4 credits)
  • EDUC-U590: Independent Study in Higher Education and Student Affairs (1-3 credits)
  • PHST-P590: Internship (3 credits)

PHST-P690: Research-Philanthropic Studies (1-3 credits)

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