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Doctoral students majoring in education may earn either a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree or a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree. The Ph.D. is awarded by the University Graduate School. The Ed.D. is awarded by the School of Education. In most program areas the Ph.D. is considered a research-oriented degree, whereas the Ed.D. is oriented to the training of practitioners. It should be noted that Ph.D. students are subject both to requirements listed in this bulletin and those listed in the University Graduate School Bulletin.

Application for both degree programs is through the Office of Graduate Studies. Doctoral programs are offered only at the Bloomington campus, with the exception of the Urban Education Studies Ph.D. which is offered exclusively at IUPUI. Some doctoral course work is offered at Indianapolis, and IUPUI faculty members may serve on doctoral committees. Information about application procedures and admission criteria is found in the section titled Admission to Graduate Programs.

Doctoral programs are long and complex. At the end of the dissertation section linked below is a checklist of important milestones in the program, including required forms and committee meetings. Policies and regulations governing all graduate programs in education are found in the section titled Policies Governing Graduate Programs.

Doctoral programs consist of three phases: pre-candidacy coursework and experiences; qualifying exams and admission to candidacy; and carrying out the dissertation study.

Pre-candidacy: includes selecting major and minor areas of study (including information about double majors, appointing an advisory committee, creating a program of studies and taking courses, and engaging in early research experiences.

Candidacy: includes taking the written and oral qualifying examinations, being nominated to candidacy by the advisory committee, and being admitted to dotoral candidacy.

Dissertation: includes forming a research committee, defending the proposal and obtaining IRB approval, data gathering and analysis, writing the dissertation, and finally, carrying out an oral defense of the dissertation.

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