Graduate Programs

Ph.D. Degree

Oral Biology Track Core Curriculum

Oral Biology Track Core Curriculum

Required courses below and 12 minor credits

Required Courses Biochemistry

  • BIOC B500 Introduction to Biochemistry (3 cr.) or
  • BIOC B800 Medical Biochemistry (3 cr.) and
  • GRAD G817 Eukaryotic Cell Biology (2 cr.)


  • MICR J822 General and Medical Microbiology (3 cr.) or
  • MICR J510 Infectious Microbes and Host Interaction (3 cr.) or
  • MICR J805 Molecular Immunology (3 cr.)

General Graduate

  • GRAD G504 Introduction to Research Ethics (2 cr.) or
  • GRAD G505 Responsible Conduct of Research (1 cr)
  • PBHL B651 Introduction to Biostatistics I (3 cr.)
  • GRAD G655 Research Communications Seminar (2 cr.; taken in spring of second year)
  • GRAD G865 Fundamental Molecular Biology (3 cr.)
  • EDUC J500 Instruction in the Context of Curriculum (3 cr.) or
  • PSY 608 Measurement Theory and Data Interpretation (3 ) or
  • EDUC W531 Technology for Teaching and Learning (3 cr.) or other teaching method course recommended by the program director


  • DENT G910 Seminar: Preventive Dentistry or
  • DENT G910 Seminar: Dental Materials or
  • DENT R959 Seminar: Oral Biology and
  • One IUPUI graduate level seminar course outside of the Dental School (one semester seminar course each year; 1 cr. each)
  • DENT R956 Current Topics in Oral Biology (4 cr.)

 Research (remainder of 90 credits)

  • DENT R957 Introduction to Research in Oral Biology (3 cr.; taken once)
  • DENT R958 Research: Oral Biology (1-12 cr. each semester)

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