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Dental Hygiene - Indianapolis

Bachelor of Science Curriculum

Full details about required pre-dental hygiene courses, including Gen Ed requirements in preparation for the 3.5 year Bachelor of Science degree program on the Indianapolis campus are posted on the School of Dentistry's Bachelor Degree in Dental Hygiene Admissions Criteria website.

Dental Hygiene Program, Year 1 

First Semester

H204 Periodontics

H206 General Pathology I

H211 Head and Neck Anatomy

H214 Oral Anatomy

H216 Chemistry and Nutrition

H218 Fundamentals of Dental Hygiene

H303 Radiology

Second Semester

H205 Medical and Dental Emergencies

H207 General Pathology II

H215 Pharmacology and Therapeutics

H217 Preventative Dentistry

H219 Clinical Practice I

H308 Dental Materials

H321 Periodontics

Cultural understandings*

Summer Session

H221 Clinical Dental Hygiene Procedures

H250 Local Anesthesia and Pain Control

H305 Radiology Clinic I

Dental Hygiene Program, Year 2

First Semester

H301 Clinical Practice II

H304 Oral Pathology

H306 Radiology Clinic II

H311 Dental Health Education

H252 Introduction to Evidence-Based Dental Hygiene Care

E351 Advanced Dental Materials for Dental Auxillaries

Analytical reasoning**

Second Semester

H302 Clinical Practice III

H344 Senior Hygiene Seminar

H347 Community Dental Health (practicum)

PSY-B 305 Statistics or STAT 30100 Elementary Statistical Methods I

Second Summer (choose a track)

Track 1 Education

H406 Educational Methodology

H407 Utilization of Instructional Technique

H411 Clinic

Track 2 Public Health Hygiene

PBHL E322 Principles of Epidemiology

H411 Clinic

Track 3 Public Health Administration

PBHL H320 Health System Administration

H411 Clinic

Choose one course from list A***

Dental Hygiene Program, Year 3

First Semester (choose track)

Track 1 Education

H402 Practicum in Education

H405 Advanced Dental Science

H420 Clinic

Track 2 Public Health Hygiene

H404 Practicum in Community

H420 Clinic

PBHL A316 Environmental Health Science

PBHL E210 Zombie Apocalypse and Doomsday Infections

PBHL E109 Intro to Public Health or PBHL H120 Contemporary Health Issues

Track 3 Public Health Administration

H420 Clinic

Choose from List A***

PBHL H345 Operations Management and Quality Improvement in Health Organizations or PBHL H375 Management of HSO

*See course listing at

** See course listing at

*** List A

  • PBHL-H 303 Medical Group Management (3 credits)
  • PBHL-P 310 Lean in Healthcare (3 credits)
  • PBHL-H 315 High Risk Health Behaviors and Harm Reduction (3 credits)
  • PBHL-H 330 Global Public Health (3 credits)
  • PBHL-H 354 Healthcare Economics (3 credits)
  • PBHL-H 411 Chronic and Long-term Care Administration (3 credits)
  • PBHL-H 420 Health Policy (3 credits)
  • PBHL-H 432 Healthcare Marketing (3 credits)
  • PBHL-H 441 Legal Aspects of Healthcare Administration (3 credits)
  • PBHL-P 300 Topics in PBHL (1 - 3 credits)
  • PBHL-P 400 Topics in PBHL (1 - 3 credits)

Academic Bulletins

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