Allied Dental Programs

Dental Assisting

Admission (Distance Learning Program)

Applicants should follow admission requirements 1 through 4 for the campus program as well as requirements 5 through 7 listed below:

5. Applicants must identify a sponsoring general practice dentist holding an active Indiana dental license who can provide  clinical training in the field of general dentistry.

6. Applicants must meet the university’s technology  requirements:

  • Office XP or higher software
  • Either Internet access at Explorer IE6 or higher DSL or cable modem access

7. Applicants must be able to travel to the Indiana University School of Dentistry when necessary.

Applications will be accepted by the IUSD Office of Admissions and Student Affairs from January 1 to June 1 prior to the fall semester the applicant wishes to enter the program. Applicants should send the completed observation form and all official transcripts to the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs, Indiana University School of Dentistry, 1121 W. Michigan Street, DS105, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5186. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All potential applicants are advised to consult the School of Dentistry’s dental assisting program Web page for updates or changes in dental assisting admissions policies that may occur after publication of this document.

While every attempt is made to provide accurate and current information in this bulletin, Indiana University reserves the right to change without notice statements in the bulletin series concerning rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters.

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