Set Up and Publish Bulletins

Step 1

The bulletin owner submits a request to for a new bulletin in the WCMS based on the previous year's bulletin.

For example: The bulletin owner from the College of Arts and Sciences submits a request for a copy of the bulletin BL-COAS-BULLETIN.2017-2018 for creation of the bulletin BL-COAS-BULLETIN.2018-2019.

Step 2

IU Communications receives the request and contacts UITS to request a bulletin site copy.

Step 3

After receiving the bulletin copy, IU Communications will:

  • update the title of the bulletin
  • change the destination and transport
  • publish the bulletin to the Test site
  • enable both Test and Production destinations, with the Test destination as the default.

Step 4

The bulletin owner edits the bulletin and publishes to the Test destination.

Step 5

When the bulletin has been updated, the bulletin owner may publish the bulletin to the Live destination, or request IU Communications ( to publish to the Live destination.