Individual campuses and schools (The Client)

  • Assigns staff to author, edit, and publish content.
  • Contacts IU Communications for access:
  • Maintains academic information such as:
    • Degree programs and their requirements
    • Course descriptions and metadata
    • Learning resources
    • Admission requirements and procedures
    • Academic and nonacademic policies
    • Contact Information
  • Publishes content to the Academic Bulletins test server.
  • Confirms accuracy of content and courses before final publish.
  • Requests a final publish from IU Communications

The Academic Program Owners will no longer display Bulletin course descriptions (from the WCMS) in the iGPS course and class search. The iGPS course and class search displays the master catalog descriptions. It also displays a departmental description for a course for that semester or a description entered by faculty teaching the course that semester.

With this process, departments can batch upload descriptions and will not need to display a bulletin description.

Since units will no longer be validating their courses against the SIS, they are responsible for putting accurate and correct information in their bulletins.

IU Communications

  • Provides technical support and periodic training to clients regarding usage of the WCMS as it relates to their academic bulletin.

Basic WCMS training courses are offered by IT Training.

  • Publishes final version of content (pages and course information) to the live public website.
  • Transmits bulletin-oriented course descriptions for testing and submission.
  • Prepares a new site for each new iteration of an academic bulletin.