Publish bulletin

Final Publish of a Bulletin

Perform these steps 3-6 weeks prior to requesting the final publish of your bulletin.

Step 1

Submit a request to IU Communications to publish the bulletin to the public site. Plan for 2-3 weeks to correct any mistakes (i.e., typos, misspelled words) that may be discovered during that time. After the wait period has ended, and the mistakes have been corrected, request another final publish. Allow 2-3 weeks for any publish request.

Note: To reduce the amount of time to the final publish of a bulletin, carefully review and correct errors before requesting the final publish.

Step 2

If the bulletin is error-free during the wait period, you may submit a request to generate a new instance for the next two-year cycle for the next bulletin. The site will be a duplicate of the folders from the current bulletin.

Step 3

Once the site for the next bulletin is created, you can begin editing the new bulletin. At this point, the published bulletin will be re-configured to be read-only.