Attach a course feed

Step 1

If you have new courses that require a new course feed, contact and request creation of a new course feed.

Create a bulletin page. Under Display Name, enter the title of the page, or how you would like it to be displayed in navigation.

bulletin page display name

Step 2

Enter any Keywords for the page. Some keywords will be auto-generated for your page. You may add your own keywords if desired.

keywords field

Step 3

In the Description field, write a brief description of the page (maximum of 150 characters).

Select the Yes radio button to display the page name in the left navigation.

description and display left-hand navigation fields

Step 4

Under Bulletin Page, enter the Page Content in the text editor.

bulletin page text

Step 5

Select Letters and Levels, if desired. Do not change the option for Full Course List.

levels selections& letters selections

Step 6

Click into the Course Index field to select a feed block.

course index field

Step 7

The Choose a Block window will open. Navigate to _internal >> blocks >> _courses >> feeds. Find and select the corresponding course feed. Click Choose.

course feed block selection

Step 8

The selected course feed will display.

Step 9

Click Save & Preview to save a draft of the page. Click Submit to display the changes.