Administrative Leadership at IU South Bend

  • Kenneth W. Baierl Jr., M.L.S., Chief of Staff; Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Steve Bruce, M.A., Executive Director of Athletics and Activities; and Head Women's Basketball Coach
  • Marty McCampbell, J.D., Director, Affirmative Action and Campus Diversity
  • Scott Strittmatter, Director of Student Life

  • Linda Chen, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; and Dean, Undergraduate Studies
  • John L. McIntosh, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Vicki Bloom, M.S.L.S., Dean, Library Services, Franklin D. Schurz Library
  • Karen R. Clark, Ed.D., Interim Dean, Vera Z. Dwyer College of Health Sciences
  • Marvin V. Curtis, Ed.D., Dean, Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts
  • Elizabeth E. Dunn, Ph.D., Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Marvin Lynn, Ph.D., Dean, School of Education
  • Carol Massat, Ph.D., Director, Master of Social Work Program
  • Pankaj Saksena, Ph.D., Interim Dean, Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics
  • Marianne Castano Bishop, Ed.D., Director, Center for Online Education
  • Biniam Tesfamariam, Ph.D., Institutional Research and Effectiveness Officer

  • Cathy M. Buckman, M.S., Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services; and Interim Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Rick C. Dennie, M.P.A., Director, Student Support
  • Ricky Ganaishlal, M.S., Director, Housing and Residence Life
  • Kevin Griffith, Psy.D., Director, Student Counseling Center
  • James J. Hasse, Ph.D., Director, Disabled Student Services
  • Keith Dawson, M.B.A., Registrar
  • Ezella McPherson, Ph.D., Director, Titan Success Center
  • Constance O. Peterson-Miller, M.L.S., Director, Admissions and International Student Services
  • Scott D. Strittmatter, Director, Student Life
  • Karen L. White, M.S., Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services
  • Laura Whitney, M.S., Director, Office of Student Conduct

  • TBA, Director, Safety and Security
  • Linda S. Lucas, B.S., Bursar
  • Kathleen Pizaña, B.B.A., Director, Fiscal Affairs
  • Michael A. Prater, B.S., Director, Facilities Management
  • Deborah Schmitt, M.A., Director of Human Resources and Career Services

  • Gary Browning, M.L.S., Director, Web Services
  • Bruce Bryner, B.G.S., Lead Security Analyst
  • Phillip M. Mikulak, B.A., B.S., Director, Systems Support
  • Paul Sharpe, M.B.A., P.E., Executive Director
  • James Yocom, B.A.S., Director, Instructional Media Services

  • Kelly Eberhart, M.S.W., Director, Alumni Affairs
  • Dina S. Harris, M.Ed., Director, Development
  • Molly Sullivan, B.S., Advancement Manager

Academic Bulletins

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2016-2017 Campus Bulletin
2015-2016 Campus Bulletin
2014-2015 Campus Bulletin

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