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Master of Science in Strategic Finance 2002-2004 Online Bulletin Table of Contents

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Program of Study

The 36 credit hour M.S.F. curriculum emphasizes decision-making skills throughout the program. The M.S.F. curriculum does not follow a rigorous sequence of course work, and M.S.F. courses may be taken in any sequence after foundation requirements have been met.

Foundation Requirements for the IU Southeast M.S.F. Degree Program*
M.S.F. Curriculum
Community Service Requirement

Foundation Requirements for the IU Southeast M.S.F. Degree Program*

IU SoutheastIU Southeast CourseEquivalent**Credits
Foundations in AccountingF5013

Foundations in Finance

Foundations in Economics

Foundations in Marketing

Foundations in Statistics

Foundations in Operations Management

Intermediate Accounting I

Management Information Systems

20 credit hours***

Undergraduate courses may be substituted as follows:
A201 Financial Accounting and A202 Managerial Accounting are equivalent to F501 Foundations in Accounting.

F301 Financial Management is equivalent to F502 Foundations in Finance.

Undergraduate courses in macroeconomics and microeconomics are equivalent to F503 Foundations in Economics.

M301 Marketing Management is equivalent to F504 Foundations in Marketing.

E280 Statistics is equivalent to F505 Foundations in Statistics.

P301 Operations Management is equivalent to F506 Foundations in Operations Management.

K321 Management Information Systems or suitable skills in computer science.

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M.S.F. Curriculum

36 Credit Hours

Managerial Component (15 credit hours, 3 credit hours each)
Strategic Cost Management
Modeling and Simulation
Financial Management
Systems Decision Theory and Applications or E588 Project Management
Must complete A505, A507 and C522 before enrolling in the Strategic Finance Component.

E581Special Topics: Information Technology Management Issues

Strategic Finance Component (18 credit hours)

Required (9 hours, 3 credit hours each):
Taxes and Business Decisions
Business Analysis and Valuation
Advanced Corporate Finance

Electives (9 hours, 3 credit hours each except B511, B513, and H542 [1.5 hours each]):
B511Business Communications
B513International Environmental Analysis
B516Ethical and Legal Environment of Business
E557Investment Management
E568International Financial Management
E596Intermediate Accounting II
G533Advanced Auditing
H541Not-for-Profit Accounting
H542Advanced Financial Accounting
H546Advanced Taxation
H558Wage and Salary Administration
All courses in the Managerial Component and all required courses in the Strategic Finance Component must be completed before enrolling in D530.

Business Strategy Component (3 credit hours, 1 course)
BUSE D530 Business Policy and Strategy****

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Community Service Requirement

M.S.F. students must perform at least 20 hours of community service in projects such as volunteering for Big Brothers/Big Sisters; providing tax assistance for the elderly or disadvantaged; participating in a United Way agency; or serving on a not-for-profit board or advisory council. Activities that serve a narrowly defined population (such as being an officer at the local Rotary Club or a church deacon) are not appropriate for this requirement.

The requirement may be completed any time during the academic program, but should be completed as early in the program as possible and prior to the last 12 credit hours of course work in the M.S.F. curriculum. Students should submit a written proposal to the Graduate Business Programs office outlining a plan for satisfying this requirement and containing the following information:

  1. name of the community organization or project selected to fulfill this requirement,
  2. name and telephone number of contact person at that organization,
  3. estimated time frame for completion of the project, including beginning and ending dates if possible.
Normally, proposals are approved within one week. Proposals that differ from typical projects, however, may require additional time for approval, and any services rendered prior to the approval of a proposal do not satisfy this requirement. Certification by the participating organization is also required.

At the conclusion of the community service activity, students must submit to the Graduate Business Programs director a one- to two-page typewritten report describing the student's role in the experience.

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A normal graduate course load is 6 credit hours in each of the spring and fall semesters, and 3 credit hours during each of the two summer sessions for a full-time working professional.

Normally, students will be expected to complete the degree in a maximum of five years from the time they begin M.S.F. course work. In special circumstances a student may be given permission to extend the study to a sixth year, but additional curriculum and degree requirements may be added. The M.S.F. program must be completed within six years.

Candidates for the Master of Science in Strategic Finance degree must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. a minimum of 36 graduate credit hours, of which each course counts only once toward graduation unless the bulletin specifically states that the course may be repeated for credit,
  2. a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course,
  3. a minimum grade of B (3.0) in all transfer courses accepted by the Graduate Program's Policies Committee,
  4. a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B),
  5. satisfactory completion of the community service component.
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*Must have achieved a minimum grade of C- in each foundation course. Even though a minimum grade of C- is required for each of the courses listed above, students with higher grades will increase their prospects for admission into the M.S.F. program.
**The Graduate Program's Policies Committee will determine course equivalencies.
***Courses in the foundation requirement must be completed with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.
****All other courses must be completed before enrolling in D530

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