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Foundation Courses
Managerial Courses
Strategic Finance Courses
Business Strategy Course

Foundation Courses

A311 Intermediate Accounting I (3 cr.) Theory of asset valuation and income measurement. Principles underlying published financial statements.

K321 Management Information Systems (3 cr.) Design and development of information systems. Information as a management tool. Use of microcomputers in information system development.

F501 Foundations in Accounting (3 cr.) Financial and managerial accounting concepts from the business manager's perspective. Includes analysis and recording of economic transactions, and cost determination and analysis. Undergraduate course equivalents are Principles of Accounting I and II.

F502 Foundations in Finance (2 cr.) Introduction of basic financial concepts from the business manager's perspective. Includes use of financial statements, tools and concepts for planning and measuring profitability and liquidity, capital budgeting, discounted cash flow analysis, and valuation. Undergraduate course equivalent is Financial Management.

F503 Foundations in Economics (3 cr.) Provision of fundamental knowledge in the area of micro and macro economic theory. Includes concepts and theories relevant to the broad spectrum of economic trends needed in an M.S.F. curriculum. Undergraduate course equivalents are introductory micro and macro economics.

F504 Foundations in Marketing (2 cr.) Emphasis will be placed upon the understanding and application of market concepts and practices, including market planning and strategy principles using pricing, product management, promotion, and distribution. Other topics include buyer behavior, market research, international marketing, ethics, and environmental influences. Undergraduate course equivalent is marketing management.

F505 Foundations in Statistics (2 cr.) Designed as an accelerated option to E280 for pre-M.S.F. students, this course covers basic applied statistics from a business perspective. Topics covered include summary measures of central tendency probability and probability distributions, continuous distributions including the normal distribution, sampling distributions, confidence interval estimation, and hypothesis testing.

F506 Foundations in Operations Management (2 cr.) Designed as an accelerated option to P301 for pre-M.S.F. students, this course discusses production as it relates to the other functions of a business. Techniques and topics such as forecasting, aggregate planning, master scheduling, capacity and material planning, performance measurement, productivity improvement, quality, JIT, TOC, and project management are covered.

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Managerial Courses

A505 Strategic Cost Management (3 cr.) Discussion of the development and use of accounting information for managerial control and decision making. Accounting methods for cost accumulation and allocation, standard costing, budgeting, inventory valuations, performance measurement, cost-volume-profit relationships, special decisions, current developments in managerial accounting, and other topics will be discussed.

A507 Modeling and Simulation (3 cr.) The purpose of this course is to increase decision-making effectiveness by learning more about quantitative methodology and by better understanding its contribution to the decision-making process. Includes analysis and solution of realistic problems using microcomputer software.

C522 Financial Management (3 cr.) A study of the theory and practice of corporate finance. Areas studied include organizing capital expenditure, planning dividend policy and capital structure strategies, making short-term financial decisions, mergers, pension plans, and the international aspect of corporate finance.

C523 Systems Decision Theory and Applications (3 cr.) An integrative or holistic approach to identifying organizational problems and the development and implementation of possible solutions. Because most courses are primarily concerned with analytical approaches to business decision making, this course focuses on the processes that link the parts together.

E581 Special Topics: Information Technology Management Issues (3 cr.) The course will focus on the key information systems issues that exist in the business world that must be managed and resolved. Such issues include data center consolidations, outsourcing, IS resources/staffing, client server systems management, telecommunications, and the infrastructure to support business initiatives.

E588 Project Management (3 cr.) This course will introduce the full range of project management problems, solution methods, and decision processes. Topics include: project selection, project organizational structures, project planning, scheduling, and budgeting, negotiations, project monitoring and control, project auditing and determination, and resource constrained project scheduling.

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Strategic Finance Courses

B511 Business Communications (1.5 cr.) Designed to improve effective communication as a manager. Analysis and application of communication strategy, oral presentation skills, listening skills, writing skills, corporation communication strategy, and communication with the media.

B513 International Environmental Analysis (1.5 cr.) A survey of the external environmental variables that affect business operations domestically and internationally. Provides a framework for analyzing and anticipating changes in the environment; considers the impact of competition, economics and financial systems, cultures and technology on business operations.

B516 Ethical and Legal Environment of Business (3 cr.) This course examines legal and ethical issues a manager must consider when making business decisions. Provides an overview of law pertaining to business, international and regulatory topics, and models for review and resolution of ethical issues in business. Critical thinking and legal research skills are introduced and developed.

E557 Investment Management (3 cr.) Emphasizes the formulation of policies and portfolio strategies in the management of investment funds for individuals and institutions. Topics also include methods of investment analysis and selection, investment timing, and evaluation of portfolio performance.

E565 Taxes and Business Decisions (3 cr.) Focuses on expanding the students' knowledge of taxation for purposes of making more informed managerial decisions. Provides an understanding of basic business taxation and taxation aspects of compensation planning, fixed assets, mergers, liquidations, international and interstate issues.

E568 International Financial Management (3 cr.) Financial management of foreign operations of the firm. Financial constraints of the international environment and their effect on standard concepts of financial management. Study of international currency flows, forward cover, and international banking practices.

E596 Intermediate Accounting II (3 cr.) Application of intermediate accounting theory to problems of accounting for economic activities and financial statement presentation of said activities. Topics include: contingencies, bonds, leases, equities, earnings per share, revenue recognition, investments, deferred taxes, and accounting changes.

G533 Advanced Auditing (3 cr.) In-depth study of the process of auditing, attestation, and assurance services in an advanced technological environment. Includes coverage of auditing and attestation standards, the code of professional conduct, auditor's legal responsibilities, fraud auditing, and the emerging issues of global auditing.

H541 Not-for-Profit Accounting (3 cr.) Accounting for non-profit-seeking entities: state and municipal governments, schools, hospitals, and philanthropic entities. Includes study of GAAP for these entities as promulgated by FASB and GASB.

H542 Advanced Financial Accounting (1.5 cr.) Generally accepted accounting principles as applied to business combinations, segments, estates, and trusts.

H546 Advanced Taxation (3 cr.) This course will address advanced corporate taxation issues including corporate formation, mergers and acquisitions, and liquidations. The course material also covers tax topics specific to corporations such as when to make the Corporate Selection and the accumulated earnings tax.

E558 Wage and Salary Administration (3 cr.) A consideration of principles and theory involved in the design and administration of employer compensation systems. Includes pay survey, organizational pay strategies, design of pay structure, and performance of compensation audit.

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Business Strategy Course

D530 Business Policy and Strategy (3 cr.) Administration of the business firm from the perspective of top management. Involves the formulation and administration of policy, the integration of internal operations with each other and with the environment, the evaluation of business risk and strategy alternatives, and the development of long-range plans and programs.

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