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Associate of Arts Degree Requirements

Many students may be interested in completing a two-year liberal arts education program. Such a program may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree in one of the academic areas, or it may serve as a self-contained program. These students are encouraged to apply to study for the Associate of Arts degree.

Students may obtain the degree through any one of four schools on campus: Arts and Letters, Business, Natural Sciences, or Social Sciences. Since the degree provides for a concentration in a specific subject area, students should contact the school responsible for that discipline for advising and program planning.


1. Completion of a minimum of 60 credit hours. A minimum grade of D– counts as passing for this requirement if the course was taken at an IU campus. Courses accepted for transfer credit from another accredited institution must have a minimum grade of C (not C–) to satisfy this requirement. Student development courses do not count toward the 60 credit hours required for the degree. If a student passes the same course more than once, it can count only once toward graduation, unless the bulletin specifically states that the course may be repeated for credit.

2. Residence requirement. Every degree candidate must complete no fewer than 15 credit hours of course work in residence at IU Southeast, and not fewer than 6 credit hours of course work in the selected field of concentration at Indiana University Southeast.

3. Grade point average. The degree candidate must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 (C).

4.English Composition. Students must complete ENG-W 131 with a grade of C (not C–) or higher.

5. Foreign Language. The degree candidate must complete 8 credit hours in a single foreign language with a grade of D– or higher, or must earn an achievement or placement test score sufficient for placement in foreign language classes at the 200 level or above. (See information on the foreign language requirement in the section “Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements.”)

6. Quantitative Reasoning. Students must successfully complete one course chosen from the list of approved general education courses in quantitative reasoning.

7. Central Ideas, Issues, and Methods of Inquiry. Students must meet the campus general education requirements in the arts and humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, from the list of approved general education courses at www.ius.edu/generaleducation, as follows:

  • One three-hour course in life or physical science, with a related two-credit hour lab.
  • One three-hour course in Social Sciences
  • One three-hour course from either Arts and Humanities or Social Sciences

8. Ethical Reasoning or Diversity. Students must take one course from the list of approved general education courses.

9. Concentration. Students must complete a concentration of 15 credit hours in a single arts and sciences discipline. Students should consult the appropriate school for the specific course requirements for the chosen discipline. English composition and 100-level language courses may not be used to meet this concentration.

10. Electives. These courses bring the total to 60 credit hours.

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