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School of Nursing 
Office of Educational Services 
1111 Middle Drive, NU 122 
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5107 
Local (317) 274-2806 
Fax (317) 274-2996 
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Financial Information

Information about financial resources for admitted graduate nursing students may be obtained from the Office of Educational Services, School of Nursing 122, 1111 Middle Drive, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5107; telephone: (317) 274-2806; Web site: nursing.iupui.edu. A variety of financial resources are specific to graduate students.

School of Nursing Support
University Support

School of Nursing Support

Professional Nurse Traineeships
Government stipends are available to students for a maximum of 36 months. Applicants must be full-time students (Nursing Administration major students are not eligible). Application is due May 1 to School of Nursing, associate dean of graduate programs.

Fee Scholarship/Remissions, Research Graduate Assistantships
Students filling research assistant (RA) positions assist faculty in their research efforts and gain hands-on research experience. A limited number of graduate assistant (GA) positions are available. Students in these positions assist faculty in meeting their teaching responsibilities. Fee scholarships are provided for RA and GA positions. In addition, an hourly wage may be paid depending on the project's funding. Part-time and full-time admitted students are eligible. Only in-state tuition is paid. Application is due May 1 to IU School of Nursing, associate dean of graduate programs.

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University Support

Financial support for graduate students, available from the IUPUI Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, is primarily in the form of loans and Federal Graduate Work-Study employment. Eligibility for these programs is determined by financial need. Students must submit the forms to determine financial need annually by March 1. In addition to demonstrating financial need, students must be admitted and in a nursing graduate program for a minimum of 4 credit hours, or half-time per semester. Further information can be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid Services, Cavanaugh Hall 103, 425 University Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5145; telephone (317) 278-GRAD.

University Fellowships
Graduate fellowships are available from Indiana University for full-time study during the first year. These awards are competitive. Ph.D. candidates are eligible and are nominated by the IUSON faculty.

IUPUI Educational Opportunity Fellowships
These fellowships are awarded to encourage graduate students who are enrolled at a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester, and who have disadvantaged backgrounds, to participate in graduate studies. Educational Opportunity Fellowships, which average $500 to $1,500 per year, are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic ability. The submission of a form to determine financial need is required.

Graduate Work-Study Positions
These positions are funded by the Federal Graduate Work-Study program; students are employed as clinical faculty members, learning lab instructors, or technical research assistants. Students must complete the required application forms by March 1 each year to establish eligibility for these awards. Fee scholarships may be provided in addition to salary earned.

Admitted nursing students may be eligible for other scholarships and short-term loans administered by the School of Nursing. For more information, contact the Office of Educational Services, Graduate Counselor, School of Nursing 122, 1111 Middle Drive, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5107; telephone (317) 274-2806.

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