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School of Medicine
Academic Bulletin

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Indianapolis, IN 46202-5114 
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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Chair: Professor Zhang

B800 Medical Biochemistry (39 hrs.) (3 cr.) Biochemistry for medical students. Structure and function of biological molecules, regulation of cellular processes by nutrients and hormones, biochemical and molecular basis of disease. Designed to develop the knowledge base for Competency III "Using Science to Guide Diagnosis, Management, Therapeutics and Prevention." Harris and Staff

X604 Concepts of Health and Disease (4 cr.) A multidepartmental, interdisciplinary course which integrates concepts of the first-year medical curriculum using the problem-based learning approach. Students work in small groups facilitated by faculty to interpret clinical cases and integrate basic science and clinical science concepts. Designed to assess the proficiency at Level I for portions of the competencies. Staff

X/G804 Cellular and Molecular Biology (3 cr.) Cellular and molecular biology that emphasizes the structural organization, biochemistry and molecular biology of cells. Includes cellular processes, development and differentiation and their relationship to medicine. Wek and Staff

Graduate Courses and Electives

The courses listed below are primarily intended for students seeking the M.S. or Ph.D. degree in biochemistry, or the combined M.D. and graduate degrees. Complete program information is provided in the departmental brochure.

B500 Introductory Biochemistry (3 cr.) Structures of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. Basic principles of enzyme catalysis, protein synthesis, intermediary metabolism and nutrition. Skalnik and Staff

B800 Medical Biochemistry (3 cr.) Structure and function of biological molecules, regulation of cellular processes by nutrients and hormones, biochemical and molecular basis of disease. Harris and Staff

B803 Advanced Biochemistry (1-3 cr.) Tutorial instruction in biochemistry. Staff

B807 Protein Structure and Function (3 cr.) Physical forces stabilizing protein structure; protein folding. Essential features of macromolecular interactions. Introduction to enzyme kinetics and chemical mechanism in enzyme reactions. Hurley and Staff

B809 Advanced Organic Chemistry (1-3 cr.) Tutorial instruction in organic chemistry, as applied to biochemistry. Roeske and Staff

B810 Cellular Biochemistry and Regulation (3 cr.) Mechanisms of signal transduction and the control of cellular function by hormones, growth factors and other extracellular regulators. Roach and Staff

B811 Advanced Intermediary Metabolism (1-3 cr.) Tutorial instruction in specialized areas of metabolism. Harris and Roach

B814 Advanced Enzymology (1-3 cr.) Tutorial instruction in advanced enzyme isolation and kinetics. Staff

B835 Neurochemistry (3 cr.) Metabolism of nervous system tissues. Neurochemical techniques. Simon

B836 Advanced Topics in Neurochemistry (2 cr.) Selected topics in neurochemistry dealing with the specialized functions of the nervous system. McBride and Simon

B842 Instrumentation and Methods of Analysis (3 cr.) Staff

B848 Mathematics for Biochemistry (3 cr.) Differential equations and topics in advanced calculus. Staff

B854 Introduction to Research in Biochemistry (1 cr.) Tutorial and laboratory instruction in biochemistry. Purpose is to introduce students in biochemistry to three different research programs. Staff

B855 Research (cr. arr.) Staff

B868 Advanced Molecular Biology (1-3 cr.) Tutorial instruction in specialized areas of molecular biology. Edenberg and Staff

B890 Seminar (1 cr.) Students will enroll each semester and present one seminar per year. Grow

B899 Senior Elective in Biochemistry (hrs. and cr. arr.) A variety of electives is offered within the department. Specific information on each elective is available in the Senior Elective Program Course Listing, which is updated and published in February of each year. These electives are offered in the Medical Center facilities and in approved programs in clinics and hospitals throughout the state. Staff

G504 Introduction to Research Ethics (1 cr.) Ethical issues in designing, conducting, analyzing, and presenting research; historical and theoretical background as well as case studies of such issues as scientific misconduct, data management, and reporting; publication practices, intellectual property, funding of research, conflict of interest, human subject research and institutional review boards, and public perceptions of science. Klemsz and Staff

G805 Diabetes and Obesity (3 cr.) Biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, immunology and pathophysiology of diabetes and obesity. Topics include metabolic regulation, signal transduction, insulin resistance, insulin production, beta-cell function, animal models, complications, nutrition, prevention and therapy. Considine and Thurmond

G817 Eukaryotic Cell Biology (2 cr.) Organization and function of subcellular structures. Intracellular coordination of cell activity: protein and RNA trafficking, chromatin dynamics and intracellular processing of receptor mediated signals. Harrington and Staff

G823 Methods in Cell Biology (3 cr.) Discussion and laboratory instruction in modern methods for cell culture, imaging, flow cytometry and cell biology. S. Sanghani and Staff

G828 Concepts in Biotechnology (1 cr. each semester) Case studies exploring topics on the cutting edge of biotechnology and tutorials in biotechnology calculations. Allmann and Staff

G841 Methods of Protein Chemistry (3 cr.) Discussion and laboratory instruction in modern methods for protein purification, analysis of purity, peptide mapping, and amino acid sequencing. P. Sanghani and Staff

G865 Fundamental Molecular Biology (3 cr.) Principles of molecular biology, emphasizing the structure, replication, repair and recombination of the genetic material and the molecular mechanisms of gene expression. Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems are covered. (Joint program with Medical and Molecular Genetics and Microbiology and Immunology.) Edenberg and Staff

G890 Methods in Molecular Biology and Pathology (3 cr.) Basic principles and techniques in molecular biology and pathology. Particular emphasis will be on molecular techniques that can be used to study problems related to biochemistry and pathology. Lee and Staff

G901 Advanced Research (6 cr.) Research for graduate students who have over 90 credit hours. Staff

G910 Advanced Molecular Biology Methods (3 cr.) Advanced theory and techniques in molecular biology. The focus of the course will be on techniques related to manipulation of cloned DNA for study of their expression, structure and function. DePaoli-Roach and Staff

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