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Kelley School of Business—Indianapolis
2001-2003 Graduate
Academic Bulletin

Indiana University—Purdue University 
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Kelley Direct Online M.B.A. Program

General Information
A Typical Program of Study
Additional Fees
Technical Support

General Information

The Kelley Direct Online M.B.A. is a 48 credit hour part-time program that begins with a one-week, in-residence course each year. The remainder of the program is Web-based and asynchronous, allowing flexibility for executives to learn according to their schedule. The program utilizes a quarter system of 12 weeks each quarter. Completion of the program will take two years. Students in the online M.B.A. will access text, audio, and video presentations, and use bulletin boards and chat rooms along with traditional textbooks and case studies to complete team projects, take tests, and write papers. The class interaction is asynchronous with some synchronous elements, allowing students the flexibility to balance family and career demands.

Students will need access to the Internet, a CD-ROM player, and a personal computer with these minimum requirements:

"Pentium" Processor or equivalent
28.8 modem
16 MG RAM (32 MG preferred)
The evaluation of an admission application involves both a qualitative and quantitative assessment. In the qualitative phase, your letters of reference, work experience, and other elements of your resume are reviewed. The quantitative component assesses your academic credentials as based on your GPA, your score on the GMAT, and where appropriate, a TOEFL score. Applications should be submitted as early as possible. The application deadline for August entry is June 1. Students may apply online at www.mbaonline.indiana.edu.

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A Typical Program of Study


Statistics—College-level course or equivalent with a grade of B- or better or demonstrate significant work experience in statistics.

Accounting—College-level financial accounting course or equivalent with a grade of B- or better or demonstrate significant work experience in financial accounting.

Computing Applications—Must be able to work in a PC-compatible (non-Mac environment)

Year 1

Orientation and "Leading Change" 1.5 cr.
Economics 3 cr.
Accounting 3 cr.
Operations 3 cr.
Business Planning 3 cr.
Quantitative Analysis 3 cr.
Marketing 3 cr.
Finance 3 cr.
Total 22.5 cr.

Year 2

Orientation and "Leading Change" 1.5 cr.
Global Business 3 cr.
Business Law 3 cr.
Advanced Marketing 3 cr.
Advanced Elective 3 cr.
Information Technology 3 cr.
Strategic Management 3 cr.
Advanced Finance 3 cr.
Business Simulation 3 cr.
Total 25.5 cr.

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Additional Fees

In addition to the credit hour charges, students will be responsible for payment of the in-residence lodging and meal expense. The Kelley Direct program office, on behalf on each student, arranges accommodations for the in-residence week.

For more information contact:

Kelley Direct Online M.B.A.
Indiana University
Kelley School of Business—Indianapolis
801 W. Michigan Street, Room 4032
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5151
Phone: (317) 278-1566
Fax: (317) 274-7301
E-mail: kdirect@iupui.edu
Web site: www.mbaonline.indiana.edu

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Technical Support

The Kelley Direct Online M.B.A. offers technical support to its students. You may phone the Kelley Direct Help Desk Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at (317) 274-4527, toll-free at (877) 785-4713, or email after hours to cmbahelp@iupui.edu.

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