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Kelley School of Business-Indianapolis 2001-2003 Online Bulletin Table of Contents

Kelley School of Business—Indianapolis
2001-2003 Graduate
Academic Bulletin

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Graduate Programs

About the Graduate School
Philosophy and Goals
Admission Requirements and Procedures

About the Graduate School

The school's graduate programs provide a diverse group of men and women with the skills, work ethic, vision, and innovative spirit needed to rise to positions of management leadership in a global business environment. The Kelley School of Business graduate programs are accredited by the AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), an important certification of the quality of our program. The programs are weighted toward a comprehensive understanding of the business processes, its environments, competition, and rapid technological change. Graduates of IU's business programs should possess the following:

  • the analytical abilities needed to cope successfully with ambiguous and unstructured business problems
  • a solid grounding in basic business functions, with an emphasis on the integration of those functions and an understanding of how they are linked in formulating and executing business strategy
  • a strong ethical perspective, an appreciation of various cultures, and an ability to communicate in an effective, persuasive manner
  • a clear understanding of the legal, political, regulatory, and economic environment of business
  • a keen awareness of the global economy in which business operates and an understanding of the forces that shape competitiveness in that economy
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Philosophy and Goals

The Kelley School of Business recognizes that management policy and procedure are subject to change over time. The managerial methods of tomorrow may bear little resemblance to techniques in current use. For this reason, the graduate programs emphasize sound general principles and decision-making techniques that provide a base for continued learning rather than on business procedures that are subject to obsolescence.

Three overlapping goals dictate both the overall design of the Kelley School of Business Graduate Programs and their curriculum:

  1. Preparing graduates for significant leadership positions in the management community
  2. Training students to focus on decision making and implementation in business
  3. Fostering in students a lifelong intellectual curiosity and professional integrity
In order to attain these goals, the faculty believe that students must learn to do the following:
  • Develop and apply analytical concepts and tools.
  • Understand basic business functions (their evaluation criteria and their interrelationships).
  • Identify problems, make decisions, and communicate within organizational constraints.
  • Work effectively in cross-functional teams.
  • Formulate corporate strategy and policy.
  • Strengthen personal standards, perceptions, motivation, and interest in continued self-development.
  • Develop entrepreneurial potential.
  • Prepare psychologically for positions of responsibility.
  • Understand the impact of managerial policies on society.
  • Develop an ethical philosophy to guide decision making.
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Admission Requirements and Procedures

Applicants with bachelor's degrees in any field are eligible for admission to the graduate programs. Admission is selective. The Admission Committee evaluates applicants' abilities to succeed academically and their potential to contribute to the program.

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