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Kelley School of Business—Indianapolis
2001-2003 Graduate
Academic Bulletin

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Course Work in Bloomington

Enrolling in Course Work in Bloomington
Permanent Transfer to Bloomington

Enrolling in Course Work in Bloomington

M.B.A. students in Indianapolis may enroll in elective courses offered by the Kelley School of Business on the Bloomington campus.

To enroll in Bloomington courses, the M.B.A. student should first contact the Indianapolis Graduate Office and secure permission from the academic advisor to register for specific course work in Bloomington and obtain a completed Inter-Campus Transfer form. The Bloomington Schedule of Classes is available in the Graduate Office for review or online through INSITE. Completion of the Inter-Campus Transfer form is required and indicates only that the Indianapolis Graduate Office has approved the course selection and does not guarantee that space will be available in the course.

It is necessary for the student to initiate registration through the Bloomington campus by contacting the Bloomington M.B.A. Office well in advance of the registration period. It is also the student's responsibility to be aware of registration dates, fee payment, and schedule adjustment procedures for the Bloomington campus.

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Permanent Transfer to Bloomington

Due to the structure of the curriculum of the Bloomington M.B.A. program, a student wishing to transfer permanently from the Indianapolis program is eligible to so only under the following conditions:

  1. The Indianapolis student must have successfully completed Modules I, II, III, and IV at the Indianapolis campus. These modules correspond to the foundations and functional core on the Bloomington campus.
  2. A student who has completed the equivalent of the first year of the Bloomington program is eligible to transfer in August only, due to the design of the Bloomington program.
  3. Each transfer student will have to complete a minimum of 24 credit hours on the Bloomington campus.
  4. The required 24 credit hours will include 9 credit hours of the policy core and 12 credit hours of a major.
  5. The student must be in good academic standing to apply for a transfer from the Indianapolis campus to the Bloomington campus.
  6. The student will be required to meet the prerequisites, sequencing requirements, and graduation requirements for the Bloomington campus.
Any student considering a permanent transfer to Bloomington should contact the Graduate Office in Indianapolis for guidance as early in the decision process as possible. March 1 is the deadline for application for a permanent transfer in August.

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