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Health Professions Programs

Administrative Office

Marti Reeser, Ed.D., Assistant Dean
Phone: (317) 274-2208
E-mail: dreeser@iu.edu

Vicki Bonds, M.S., Director
Phone: (317) 278-6102
E-mail: vgayfiel@iupui.edu 

Rene Jackson, M.A., Coordinator
Phone: (317) 274-1910
E-mail: rlbaugh@iu.edu

Karen Sanburn, Student Data Coordinator and Recorder
Phone: (317) 278-6510
E-mail: ksanburn@iu.edu  

Sally Miller, Program Specialist
Phone: (317) 278-1724
E-mail: millersj@iupui.edu 

Mailing Address:

Van Nuys Medical Science (MS)
635 Barnhill Dr, MS 203
Indianapolis, IN  46202
Phone: (317) 278-4752
E-mail: askhpp@iupui.edu
Web: http://medicine.iu.edu/hpp

Department of Emergency Medicine

Paramedic Science (A.S.)

Leon Bell, M.S., Director
Phone: (317) 630-7614
E-mail: lbell1@iupui.edu

Mailing Address:
Indianapolis EMS
3930 Georgetown Road
Indianapolis, IN 46245

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Clinical Laboratory Science (B.S.)

Diane Leland, Ph.D., Co-Director
Phone: (317) 491-6646
E-mail: dleland@iupui.edu 

Nicholas Brehl, M.Ed., Co-Director
Phone: (317) 491-6218
Email: nbrehl@iupui.edu 

Mailing Address:
IU Health Pathology Laboratory, Room 6002
350 W 11st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-4108

Cytotechnology (B.S.)

William Crabtree, Ph.D., Director
Phone: (317) 491-6221
E-mail: wcrabtre@iupui.edu

Mailing Address:
IU Health Pathology Laboratory, Room 6002J
350 W 11st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-4108

Histotechnology (Certificate and A.S.)

Debra Wood, M.S., Director
Phone: (317) 274-1684
E-mail: demwood@iupui.edu 
Fax: (317) 278-2018
E-mail: IUHTinfo@iupui.edu

Mailing Address:
Van Nuys Medical Science
635 N Barnhill Dr, MS A128
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Department of Radiation Oncology

Radiation Therapy (B.S.)
Maria Walker, B.S., Director
Phone: (317) 944-1343
E-mail: macwalke@iupui.edu 

Mailing Address:
535 N Barnhill Dr, RT 107A
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5111

Department of Radiology & Imaging Sciences

Radiography (A.S.)
Medical Imaging Technology (B.S.)
Nuclear Medicine Technology (B.S.)

Bruce Long, M.S., Director, Radiologic & Imaging Sciences
Phone: (317) 274-5254
E-mail: blong@iupui.edu

Linda Cox, M.S., Program Coordinator, Medical Imaging Technology
Phone: (317) 274-5188
E-mail: lcox1@iupui.edu

Cybil Nielsen, M.B.A., Program Director, Nuclear Medicine Technology
Phone: (317) 274-7431
E-mail: cybniels@iupui.edu

Mailing Address:
Clinical Building, 120
1120 W Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5111

Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Respiratory Therapy (B.S.)
Janice Johnson, M.S., Program Director
Phone: (317) 962-8475
E-mail: jjohnson2@iuhealth.org 

Mailing Address:
Indiana Respiratory Therapy Consortium
IU Health - Methodist Hospital, Wile Hall 652
1701 N. Senate Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Updated: September 9, 2016