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Withdrawal and Readmission

A student may be readmitted to the school after withdrawal as follows:

Temporary Withdrawal

Students in good standing who voluntarily and temporarily withdraw from a program assume temporary inactive status with the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. At the time of departure, it is the student's responsibility to arrange, in writing, a continuation agreement with the individual program director. The student is allowed to reenroll as specified in the continuation agreement. The student must meet any specific academic/clinical requirements associated with reenrollment under the continuation agreement. Students failing to reenroll as specified in the continuation agreement are subject to dismissal from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Other Withdrawal

A student who withdraws without arranging in writing for a continuation agreement with the program director or fails to enroll in any semester will not be allowed further enrollments in the school and will be considered as not making satisfactory progress toward a degree. Such students who want to reenroll must file an application for admission and will be considered new applicants. New prerequisites and standards must be met. These students may be considered for advanced standing in the program provided the completed work meets the current standards of the program.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Application to and enrollment in the university constitute the student's commitment to honor and abide by the practices and policies stated in the university's official announcements, bulletins, handbooks, and other published materials and to behave in a manner that is mature and compatible with the university's function as an institution of higher learning. The Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct is available in electronic format. Students are expected to read this document and, by their enrollment, agree to its contents and to additional School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences statements that appear below.

Academic Advising

A student enrolled in the Bachelors of Science in Health Science degree program is assigned to one of two program advisors.  The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences student enrollment services director is available to assist students who are working on the prerequisites for a professional program. Once admitted to a professional program, students are advised by faculty within the program. It is the student's responsibility to seek counseling and guidance. The student is responsible for planning a program to meet degree requirements.


The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences abides by the appeals procedures discussed in the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. Students may obtain a copy of the school's Appeals Policy and Procedure from any of the school's administrative offices.


Students are responsible for complying with all attendance requirements that may be established by the program faculty.

Clinical Affiliations

Clinical affiliations (fieldwork experiences) are required in most School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences professional programs. The program faculty are responsible for the selection, approval, and assignment of clinical experiences. Although individual student needs and desires will be recognized, final placement decisions are made by the program faculty. Students are responsible for transportation, fees, and selfsupport, and for following the rules and regulations of the center(s) to which they are assigned. In addition, student conduct must be consistent with the standards of the university and the profession.

Degree Applications

Each fall students preparing to graduate during the following calendar year must file an Intent to Graduate form in the office of the program in which they are enrolled. Program faculty then certify the student's satisfactory completion of degree requirements. If changes in the anticipated date of degree completion occur, students must consult their faculty advisor and file an updated Intent to Graduate form.

Financial Aid

A student may seek financial assistance through the IUPUI Financial Aid Office. In addition, assistance may be available through professional associations and other external groups and agencies.


Students are responsible for the following costs:

  • Fees and Tuition: Fees and tuition are established annually by the Trustees of Indiana University.
  • Books and Supplies: Books and supplies are determined by the program.
  • Uniforms: During clinical/fieldwork experiences, students must adhere to the dress code requirements of the program and training site. Students are responsible for providing their own uniforms.
  • Transportation: Students are responsible for travel and lodging costs associated with clinical/fieldwork experiences.

Contact the program of interest for a current cost sheet.

Liability Insurance

All students participating in required fieldwork experience are covered by the university's medical malpractice insurance. When requested, students may be required to purchase and show proof of general liability insurance before being certified to begin the clinical experience.


Before the beginning of the professional program, students are required to demonstrate proof of immunization for tetanus and diphtheria, rubella, rubeola (measles), mumps, varicella (chicken pox), and hepatitis. All students must have had a PPD tuberculin skin test within the last three months. Students may be required to complete a physical examination (see program-specific requirements). All students must show proof of health insurance before beginning the professional program.  Please see the Student Health website for further information.

International Students

Foreign nationals enrolled in the school have the same rights and responsibilities as all other students. International students should consult the IUPUI Office of International Affairs.


School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences programs may require students to attend orientation programs before the beginning of the professional courses. Students are responsible for attending these sessions and for the program-specific policies and standards distributed and discussed at the sessions.

Professional Conduct

Students are responsible for exhibiting conduct appropriate to their professional training and education. Each program distributes standards and policies of appropriate professional conduct at the time of program orientation.

Registration and Record Changes

It is the student's responsibility to enroll in each required academic session and satisfactorily complete all courses required for the degree. Faculty are available to provide academic advising.
Students are responsible for filing the necessary Student Record Change form with the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Office of Academic and Student Affairs in Coleman Hall 120 as soon as possible following a change of name or permanent address. Additional information regarding degree requirements and academic standards may be found elsewhere in this bulletin.


Students completing any of the professional programs are qualified to sit for the appropriate licensure and/or credentialing examinations. Contact the program director for further information.