Academic Programs

Themed Learning Communities

Themed learning communities (TLCs) are a group of three to five classes connected by a theme in which 25 entering students enroll. Each TLC includes a first-year seminar course taught by an instructional team consisting of faculty, a librarian, an academic advisor, and a student mentor. TLC faculty work together to coordinate their classes through active and collaborative learning, co-curricular activities, service learning, and reflective assignments.

TLCs provide students with an opportunity to become part of a group of students with similar academic interests, thereby fostering the development of a support network of friends and study partners to share experiences with. Students who have participated in TLCs tend to have higher grade point averages and more interaction with students and faculty than students who do not participate in the program. IUPUI offers a variety of TLCs tailored toward an assortment of majors and interests. Academic advisors assist students in finding a TLC that matches their interests and intended majors.

Please visit the TLC website for more information.