Academic Programs

Early College Entrance Programs

Special Programs for Academic Nurturing (SPAN)

Early College Entrance Programs offer innovative educational choices that respond to the unique interests and talents of high-ability secondary students, celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity, and foster student achievement. Since 1984, our Early College Entrance Programs have been effective in helping students customize their educational programs and experience academic success while earning dual credit (both high school and college credit simultaneously).

The IUPUI SPAN Division follows the immersion model in which eligible high school students enroll in regular IUPUI courses taught by full-time faculty alongside regular IUPUI full-time students for full college credit. Through this model, we are developing a collaborative initiative that makes a difference by impacting the student academic success rate in subsequent college courses and will facilitate the increase in the number of students from less-represented populations who enroll in and successfully complete courses in the STEM areas.

In addition, the faculties of our area high school partners and IUPUI have become partners in inquiry by impacting teaching and learning, and offering experiences, internships, and mentoring for students. This collaboration has created a solid pathway for students to matriculate to IUPUI and for parent support through information about college and college readiness.