Academic Programs

Gateway to Graduation Program

Gateway courses are those courses that enroll the highest numbers of first-time, full-time freshmen at IUPUI. Most gateway courses help satisfy the general education requirements of undergraduate degrees. Since fall 2007, 59 gateway courses have been identified as having the highest enrolling classes. The Gateway to Graduation Program is housed in University College, but faculty representatives across disciplines and schools work together in a joint effort to improve DFW rates and to improve retention at the first-year level.

Led by the dean of University College, a director, and gateway coordinators, the program includes faculty professional development offerings, a series of professional development seminars, Gateway Communities of Practice, an interdisciplinary assignment/project grant, and a retention research project that has identified at-risk students within two weeks and offered intervention recommendations. In addition, the monthly gateway coordinator meetings have become a central driving force of the program. These meetings have highlighted best practices for gateway courses that have led to program recommendations for enhancing and revising gateway courses and policies.