Academic Programs

First-Year Seminars

In order to ensure a solid start at IUPUI, all new students and transfer students with 17 or fewer credit hours are required to enroll in a first-year seminar. This requirement may be waived if the student enrolls in fewer than 7 credit hours.

The first-year seminar facilitates student transition to college by introducing key information and skills needed to succeed and by offering opportunities to connect with faculty, staff, and other students. The small classroom environment provides opportunities for open inquiry and individual advising, motivates students to actively participate in learning through critical inquiry and contributing to classroom discussion, and identifies key campus resources to enhance academic success.

The courses are taught by an instructional team, including a faculty member who sets academic goals and is the team leader, a student mentor who serves as a role model and a peer guide to the college experience, a librarian who introduces library resources and literacy information, and an academic advisor who provides information on academic policies and procedures and works with students to begin academic planning as well as major and career decision making. First-year seminars are often linked with other entry-level courses to form learning communities where faculty may collaborate in creating class assignments.

First-year seminars are offered by University College and all undergraduate schools. IUPUI academic advisors assist beginning students in selecting the first-year seminar that best suits their needs.

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