Academic and Career Development

Academic Advising

The advisors in University College help students choose an appropriate major, develop a plan for completing the requirements to transfer to a school as quickly as possible, and identify university resources they can use to improve their academic standing. Most students meet with their advisors at least once a semester to review their academic plans and to check on changes in degree requirements. In addition, most schools join University College in offering information sessions that review degree requirements and procedures for admission to the majors. Students can call the school they are interested in for information about the dates and locations of these sessions. All students are required to meet with their advisors during the first semester at IUPUI to develop an academic plan for transferring to their degree-granting schools.

Degree Planning Sheets
University College provides degree planning sheets outlining academic requirements for each major area. Students may also review degree planning sheets online.
Personal Development Plan
The Personal Development Plan (PDP) allows students to more effectively map out and navigate their academic and co-curricular experiences, as well as their subsequent careers. As defined by IUPUI's University College, the PDP is the product of a personalized planning process that enables students to understand, implement, and chart progress toward their degree and college goals. Students develop a PDP in their first-year seminar course with the guidance of their instructional team, but the PDP is intended to be a living portfolio for each student—open to revision and re-evaluation at critical points in their college journey. Overall, the PDP gives students a compass to navigate complex educational settings, further intellectual development, and see the relevance and value of learning.
Career Planning

Career professionals are available for all current and former IUPUI students (unless services are provided in their schools) and can provide assistance with career development needs and services such as:

  • Major and career exploration
  • Career assessments
  • Career counseling
  • Practice interviews for application to programs
  • Professional Connection Central
  • Externship Program and other job shadow opportunities
  • Job search strategies, resume, and interview assistance (for degreed positions)
  • Workshop/classroom/group presentations

The office is located on the third floor of Taylor Hall. For more information or to make an appointment, visit our website or call (317) 274-4856.