Student Learning Outcomes
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychobiology of Addictions (Ph.D.)

Graduate students earning a Purdue University Ph.D. in Psychobiology of Addictions on the IUPUI campus will demonstrate the following abilities related to the research focus of the degree:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts in the psychological and brain sciences, including the methods, history, and theoretical and empirical foundations, with special emphasis on the neuroscience of addiction.
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct, analyze, interpret, and communicate original research and scholarship in behavioral neuroscience, particularly in addiction neuroscience.
  3. Demonstrate understanding of the neural mechanisms and processes associated with the causes and consequences of substance abuse, including integration across genetic, neurobiological, developmental, and behavioral levels.
  4. Think critically and creatively to solve problems and generate new knowledge in behavioral neuroscience in general, with focus on and application to problems of drug abuse and addiction.
  5. Conduct research in the behavioral and addiction neurosciences in an ethical and responsible manner.