Undergraduate Programs

Clinical Laboratory Science
Professional Program

Courses in the professional program are sequential and must be taken in the order specified by the program faculty. Transfer credits, course substituions, or "testing out" are not permitted for any professional year course.

Fall Credits
Hematology (PATH-C 407) 3.0
Principles of Immunohematology (PATH-C 408) 1.0
Serology (PATH-C 409) 1.0
Diagnostic Medical Microbiology (PATH-C 411) 4.0
Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory (PATH-C 421) 2.0
Hematologic Techniques and Procedures (PATH-C 427) 3.0
Techniques in Immunohematology (PATH-C 428) 1.0
Serology Laboratory (PATH-C 429) 1.0
Total 16.0
Spring Credits
Hemostasis (PATH-C 404) 1.0
Clinical Chemistry (PATH-C 406) 4.0
Urine Analysis (PATH-C 410) 2.0
Mycology/Parasitology (PATH-C 420) 2.0
Clinical Chemistry Instrumentation
and Methodologies (PATH-C 426)
General Externship I (PATH-C 401) 2.0
General Externship II (PATH-C 402) 2.0
Total 15.0
Summer Credits
General Externship III (PATH-C 403) 2.0
General Externship IV (PATH-C 405) 2.0

Topics in Medical Technology (PATH-C 412)


Total 7.0

Awards Based on their academic performance, students will be recommended by the program faculty for degrees with distinction in accordance with the School's honors criteria.

Graduation Requirements Satisfactory completion of at least 120 credit hours, to include at least 90 credit hours of prerequisite and general-education courses and 30 credits of professional courses. All course work must be completed in compliance with the Program's and School's academic and professional policies.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012