Graduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ph.D.

The Department offers a Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology leading to the Ph. D. degree awarded by the Indiana University Graduate School. Our teaching mission includes core graduate courses in molecular biology and biochemistry, as well as medical courses in biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology. In addition, we offer advanced courses in a wide range of specialty areas reflecting the research interests of our faculty.

Students regularly participate in numerous departmental and program events such as journal clubs, research seminars and departmental retreat. We strive to help students develop the biochemical and molecular skills necessary to drive the current revolution in the biomedical sciences. Milestones to the degree include the oral defense of the thesis proposal. Students will also be questioned on topics outside of their thesis work during their thesis proposal oral defense in B803. Passing of this defense (with B/3.0 grade or better) will be required for advancement to candidacy.

Students will be enrolled for credit in B890 in years 2-5 in which they will present a seminar each year as well as attend all student and faculty seminars. Student seminars will generally be of a "journal club" format, where current, published work in the field of biochemistry is presented. Students who have advanced to candidacy may present their own lab work upon approval of course director and thesis advisor.

After choosing a laboratory for thesis research, an advisory committee consisting of at least 3 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and 1 external faculty member will be formed with the approval of the thesis advisor and departmental chairperson. Upon advancement to candidacy a thesis research committee will be similarly formed that may consist of different faculty.

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