American Studies

The minor in American studies offers students the opportunity to understand the American experience in a broader context than is usually possible through the study of a single discipline. More specifically, it provides students with courses that focus on matters that have been traditionally at issue in the study of American civilization and culture.

Required are two general courses (AMST-A 301 and AMST-A 302) that treat the broad questions of American identity and American community. These will provide underpinnings for the remaining 9 credit hours of course work. A special feature of this program is the senior tutorial, which gives students the opportunity to engage in in-depth research under the guidance of an American studies faculty member.

Students enrolled in the American studies minor program will be required to complete 15 credit hours of upper-level course work, including the senior tutorial, which attempts to synthesize the other courses and the student’s particular interests in the field of American studies.

As a prerequisite, students must complete History, HIST-H 105 and HIST-H 106 or provide evidence of knowledge of a general outline of the history of the United States; however, these courses do not count toward minor credit. A student’s minor program will be developed in consultation with American studies faculty members and the student’s American studies advisor. The student will be required to complete the following program:

  • AMST-A 101: Introduction to American Studies (3 cr.)
  • AMST-A 301 The Question of American Identity (3 cr.)
  • AMST-A 302 The Question of American Community (3 cr.)
  • Two additional courses at the 300 or 400 level offered under the American studies rubric or cross-listed in American Studies (6 cr.)

Last Updated 03/20/2013