Undergraduate Programs

Certificate Programs

American Sign Language/English Interpreting

The certificate is intended for students who already have a baccalaureate degree and would like to go beyond their original undergraduate major by completing the course work for the major in ASL/English interpreting.

The certificate program includes 24 credit hours of course work. To earn the certificate, students are required to complete the following courses with a grade of C or higher:
Required Courses
ASL A219 History and Culture of the American Deaf Community (3 cr.)
ASL A 321 Linguistics of American Sign Language (3 cr.)
ASL I301 Introduction to Interpreting (3 cr.)
ASL I303 ASL for Interpreters (3 cr.)
ASL I361 Basic Interpreting Skills (3 cr.)
ASL I363 Interpreting Community Texts: Consecutive (3 cr.)
ASL I365 Interpreting Community Texts: Simultaneous (3 cr.)
ASL I405 Practicum (3 cr.)
ASL I407 Professional Seminar (2 cr.)
ASL L340 Discourse Analysis: English (3 cr.)
ASL L342 Discourse Analysis: ASL (3 cr.)
A General Linguistics Class (3 cr.)