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Master of Laws (LL.M.)
American Law for Foreign Lawyers

The American Law for Foreign Lawyers track creates opportunities for foreign law graduates and lawyers to:

  • Gain practical and theoretical knowledge in selected areas of American law.
  • Learn the skills of legal research, analysis and communication essential to understanding and applying American law.
  • Strengthen their ability effectively to represent foreign clients in transactions with American entities.
  • Enhance their ability to provide representation in their native countries to American clients.
  • Obtain a degree leading to academic appointments in their native countries or elsewhere.
  • Build an international network of professional contacts.
  • Refine their English language skills and understanding of American culture.
  • Obtain a degree permitting them to sit for bar examinations in several American jurisdictions.

Faculty Advisor:
Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr.
Professor of Law
Director, Chinese Law Summer Program
Phone: (317)274-4826
Fax: (317)278-7563