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J.D. - Master of Public Health

Designed for students who want to understand and shape the role of the law in promoting public health or in regulating the financing and delivery of health care services. Professional opportunities include government health or environmental agencies, private firms, and universities. Candidates will study law courses their first year, mostly public health courses their second year, and primarily law courses in their third and fourth years, including internships in health or environmental law. Students are required to complete a research paper on a topic that addresses both law and health. This paper satisfies both the Advanced Research and Writing Requirement in the School of Law and the concentration project in the Department of Public Health.

Requirements: 82 credit hours of law courses; 37 credit hours of public health courses; research paper.

For additional information contact:

IU Department of Public Health
Regenstrief Health Center
1050 Wishard Blvd.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-2872
Phone: (317) 278-0337