Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs

Academic Minor or Outside Concentration

Journalism students must complete an academic minor or outside concentration of at least 15 hours in an academic discipline outside of journalism.

Requirements for outside minors are set by other departments and schools. You must declare a minor with that school or department and take their list of required courses. These minors will be listed on your transcripts.

With the approval of the advisor of the School of Journalism, students have the option to complete an outside concentration. Students must propose selected courses in consultation with their faculty counselor and complete a written explanation of the educational value or goal of their choice. The selection of courses should show evidence of a coherent body of knowledge. The outside concentration is not listed on your transcript, but it fulfills the School of Journalism requirement.

Students must earn a "C-" or higher in each course and a grade point average of at least 2.0 in all courses taken for the second concentration.

Students may complete any of the certificates offered by the School of Liberal Arts for the second concentration requirement. Students completing certificates in other schools must obtain approval from an advisor for that school. Students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours of courses approved for the certificate. The School of Journalism requires that students pursuing this option meet with an advisor of the department offering the certificate, obtain the advisor's signature on a planned program, and submit a copy of the program to the School of Journalism advisors.