Undergraduate Programs

Fundamental Skills

Students may test out of all but 3 credit hours of the fundamental skills requirement. Requirements completed in one area may, under certain conditions, also fulfill requirements in other areas.

Cross-listing policy: Courses used for English composition and 100-level fundamental skills foreign language may not be used to fulfill any other requirement. Only math courses listed as both fundamental skills and natural and mathematical science may cross-list. Foreign language courses at the 100 level, from departments that allow 100-level courses to fulfill major requirements, may be applied to other appropriate requirements.
English Composition (one course)
Students may fulfill this requirement in any one of the following ways:
  • Completion of English W131 or English W140 with a grade of "C" or higher.
  • Students who receive a score of 4 or 5 on the AP exam in English Language and Composition will receive credit for W131 when the score is received by the IUPUI admissions office. These students do not need to take W131.
  • Transfer students who do not have transfer credit for W131 but took what they think is a comparable course at their previous university can seek comparable credit.
  • While IUPUI does not give credit for W131 on the basis of the Dantes, CLEP exams, or SAT/ACT scores, we do have a special credit portfolio option for only those students who transfer with 30 credits or more who fulfilled the composition requirement at their previous university through SAT or ACT scores or a placement test. (The special credit portfolio option is not available for W132 or W231.) See Special Credit Portfolio.
Speech (one course)
  • R110 or equivalent.
Mathematics (one course)
Students may satisfy this requirement in one of three ways:
  • Complete one course from mathematics M118*, M119, 151 or 153 with a grade of "C-" or higher. Credit for these courses may count toward the 123 credit hours required for the degree.
  • Students with a mathematics SAT score of 650 or higher or a mathematics ACT score of 29 or higher are exempt from this requirement.
NOTE: Students who plan to transfer to Bloomington should take M118, M119, 163, or 221.
Foreign Language (two courses)

Students must complete the study of a single foreign language through the second semester of the first year of college-level course work. All or part of this requirement may be fulfilled by performance on placement examinations. Students may fulfill the entire foreign language requirement by placing into the second-year level.

Students who have studied foreign language in high school should take the foreign language placement examination. Contact the Foreign Language Department for more information.

International Students: Students whose native language is not English may demonstrate required proficiency in their native language. They may not, however, earn credit for any course at the first or second year level in their native language.

Statistics (one course)

Select from: ECON 270, PSY B305, SOC R359, STAT 301, SPEA K300.

*Math M118 is recommended for students who want to prepare for the required statistics course.