Admission to the School of Journalism

Students wishing to major in journalism may declare themselves journalism majors in the University College at Indianapolis during their first year at IUPUI and may take J110 Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communication. Before seeking admission as a major in the School of Journalism, students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of undergraduate course work, including the following:

  • W131 English Composition (grade "C" or higher)
  • J110 Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communication (grade "C" or higher)

Students wishing to become journalism majors are expected to have computer literacy, but there is no course or competency exam required for admission. Those who cannot demonstrate competency with word processing may be required to take a jump-start course before advancing in JOUR J200 or J210.

Students meeting these requirements with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 will be considered for admission to the School of Journalism. Each year the school will admit students, based on their grade point average, as the school's physical space, instructional equipment, and faculty/staff resources permit.