Graduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Certificate in Informatics for Public Health Professionals

Individuals graduating from this program will be able to lead the successful deployment and use of health IT to achieve transformational improvement in the quality, safety, outcomes, and thus in the value of public health services.

  1. Understanding Technology and Methodologies for processing data, information and knowledge in Health Care
    • Explain concepts of information and communication technologies.
    • Integrate data from disparate systems such as clinical data, surveillance data, etc. for public health decision making.
    • Implement standards and terminologies for documenting public health events and exchanging protected health information for improved surveillance.
  2. Information Literacy for Health Care
    • Determine the nature and extent of the information needed for public health decisions.
    • Access needed information effectively and efficiently.
    • Evaluate outcomes of the use of information in public health.
  3. Information Management
    • Verbalize the importance of Health Information Systems to public health surveillance.
    • Have knowledge of various types of Health Information Systems and their potential use in public health surveillance.
    • Evaluate when confidentiality of protected patient health information is superseded by public health needs.
    • Assure access control in the use of Health Information Systems for public health needs.
    • Assure the security of Health Information Systems.