Undergraduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Dental Assisting Certifcate Program

The certificate program in dental assisting will provide a quality education to prepare the student to:

  1. be proficient in applying knowledge of the basic behavioral and dental sciences to clinical practice in assessing and performing dental assisting procedures;
  2. communicate effectively with other health care professionals in coordinating and providing patient care including the use of technology and practice management techniques;
  3. apply problem-solving and decision-making skills when assisting with dental health services under the direction and supervision of the dentist;
  4. conduct one's self with the highest levels of professionalism, ethics, and personal integrity in the practice of compassionate, patient-centered dentistry;
  5. internalize the importance of life-long learning and understand the importance of remaining current in knowledge of dentistry as the dental health care delivery system changes;
  6. acquire knowledge and skills to promote and participate in preventive dental care and support oral health through promotion of total health;
  7. be knowledgeable of and comply with state and federal laws governing the practice of dentistry and dental assisting;
  8. achieve success on all national examinations, certifications, and licensures; and
  9. participate in leadership opportunities, professional organizations, and service to the community.