Graduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

Master of Science in Dentistry in Operative Dentistry (M.S.D.)

The graduates of the two-year postdoctoral program in Operative Dentistry will be prepared to:

  1. manage caries risk patients based on Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA);
  2. discuss current direct and indirect dental restorative materials (gold, dental amalgam, ceramics, glass ionomer cement, and resin-matrix composite) including associated setting reactions, physical properties, and indications and contraindications for their clinical use;
  3. demonstrate clinical proficiency when performing routine and advanced restorative procedures;
  4. demonstrate a broad knowledge base of dental restorative materials and procedures;
  5. demonstrate knowledge of current restorative dentistry scientific literature;
  6. develop and present evidence-based restorative dentistry lectures; and
  7. develop a research protocol and perform controlled dental research.