Students enter into a partnership with University College for their academic success. University College asks students to commit to this partnership. As part of this partnership, the university provides resources to help students reach their academic goals. The students' responsibility is to work at their highest academic level and to strive for academic excellence in their studies.

The role of University College in this partnership is to help students:

  • Acquire information needed to take advantage of the educational opportunities available to them
  • Define their goals and plan appropriate academic programs and strategies
  • Meet requirements for entry into a degree-granting school

IUPUI carries out this role by providing the following resources and programs to help students:

  • Academic advising and career counseling
  • Adaptive Educational Services
  • Bepko Learning Center
  • Community service opportunities
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Honors College
  • Learning communities
  • Mathematics Assistance Center
  • Mentoring
  • Multicultural Center
  • New Student Orientation
  • Scholar Support Programs
  • Structured Learning Assistance
  • Student activities
  • Student employment services
  • Student Support Services
  • Summer Bridge Program
  • Summer Success Academy
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Technology support
  • Themed learning communities
  • University Writing Center
  • Other opportunities for assistance

The role of the students in this partnership is to:

  • Get to know their professors by visiting faculty offices and asking questions
  • Stay in contact with their academic advisors
  • Attend all classes
  • Complete all assignments on time
  • Allow sufficient time for learning out of class; plan for three hours of outside study (assignments, reading, academic clubs, service projects, etc.) per week for each credit hour of class
  • Utilize the resources outlined above
  • Respect the dignity and intrinsic value of all persons
  • Be a contributing and active member to the progress and greater good of the community
  • Maintain the honor and integrity of the university community by following the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct
  • Strive for academic excellence and discovery for themselves, others, and the university
  • Enjoy the intellectual challenges and opportunities the decision to attend IUPUI brings

This partnership for academic excellence is a cooperative approach to academic success between University College and students and is a sincere good faith expression to help students achieve their academic goals.

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