Business Law

The number of credit hours given to a course is indicated in parentheses following the course title.

The abbreviation "P" refers to course prerequisites; the abbreviation "C" refers to course co-requisites.

  • BUS-L 512 Law and Ethics in Business (3 cr.) The objective is to provide the student of management with that knowledge of the American legal system--its processes and the substantive law itself--which is necessary to the making of informed and effective business decisions. Because the law develops and evolves in response to changing social, economic, political, and technological forces, and because business decisions often carry long-lasting as well as delayed effects, this course will emphasize the study of legal change. It is hoped that consideration of past legal developments will give prospective managers sufficient insight into the dynamics of this process to enable them to predict as soundly as possible the future legal environment in which their present decisions will bear fruit. For MBA students enrolled in Summer Module IS.
  • BUS-L 590 Independent Study in Business Law (Arr. cr.) For advanced M.B.A. students engaged in special study projects. Course admission and project supervision is arranged through the M.B.A. Office and the student's faculty advisor.
  • BUS-L 100 Personal Law (3 cr.) Effects of law on everyday lives. May include such topics as family law, criminal offenses and traffic violations, personal injury and property damage claims, employee rights, landlord-tenant law, consumer rights, debt collection, selected real and personal property issues, wills and estates, selected contract law issues, and forms of business organization (partnership, proprietorship, and corporation).
  • BUS-L 201 Legal Environment of Business (3 cr.) P: Sophomore standing. Emphasis on understanding the nature of law through examining a few areas of general interest, such as the duty to avoid harming others (torts), the duty to keep promises (contracts), and government regulation of business. Credit not given for both L201 and L203. Not offered on Indianapolis campus.
  • BUS-L 203 Commercial Law I (3 cr.) P: Sophomore standing. The purpose of this course is to examine the legal framework for business activity and to explore how to manage that framework in a rapidly changing legal environment. The areas of the law studied include contracts, torts, employment law, intellectual property, forms of business enterprises, and the legal regulation of business competition. Credit is not given for both L201 and L203.
  • BUS-L 204 Commercial Law I: Honors (3 cr.) P: Sophomore standing. Includes the nature of law, torts, contracts, the sale of goods, and the legal regulations of business competition. Credit not given for both L 203 (or L201) and L204.
  • BUS-L 303 Commercial Law II (3 cr.) P: L201 or L203 or L204. Kelley Admit of Junior or Senior standing. Focuses on the law of ownership, forms of business organization, commercial paper, and secured transactions. For accounting majors and others desiring a broad yet detailed knowledge of commercial law.
  • BUS-L 490 Independent Study in Business Law (1-3 cr.) P: Consent of undergraduate program chairperson and instructor. Supervised individual study and research in student’s special field of interest. The student will propose the investigation desired and, in conjunction with the instructor, develop the scope of work to be completed. Written report required.