Art Education

  • HER-M 220 Art Education and New Media in the 21st Century (3 cr.) This course will provide Art Education students with a theoretical and practical framework for integrating new media into teaching and learning in Art Education. Examples of new media will be examined and how they are reshaping teaching, and learning in Art Education. This course includes a significant lab component.
  • HER-M 225 Test Course (3 cr.) This is a new test course.
  • HER-M 311 Art Education Studio Survey (3 cr.) A course intended to ensure broad knowledge of the type and scope of media likely to be encountered in elementary and secondary art programs with consideration of inclusion students. Required for all art education majors.
  • HER-M 371 Foundations of Art Education (3 cr.) Historical, sociological and philosophical foundations of art education; curriculum development; individualized and interdisciplinary learning; instructing K-12 audiences; K-12 school organization; and general processes and practices of teaching art including the creative problem solving process. School and museum field experiences included.
  • HER-M 400 Laboratory/Field Experience: Elementary School (0-3 cr.) C: M471. Supervised laboratory or field experience in elementary school(s).
  • HER-M 401 Laboratory/Field Experience: Secondary School (0-3 cr.) C: M473. Supervised laboratory or field experience in secondary school(s).
  • HER-M 473 Teaching Art: Secondary Schools (3 cr.) P: M371 C: M401
  • HER-Z 200 The Artist Within: Art Making for Teachers (3 cr.) Art making for the art novice/general educator, nurturing the artist within. Introspective, creative meaning making, exploring big ideas through introductory materials and processes in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, and digital printing. Instruction in adaptations for general classroom use. Studio lab. Will not count for fine arts or art education majors.