Graduate Programs

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Master of Health Administration–Master of Business Administration (M.H.A.-M.B.A.)

The combined M.H.A.-M.B.A. program enables the student to take a sequence of courses leading to the attainment of both degrees. Successful completion of this 78-credit-hour program provides the graduate student with sufficient depth and breadth in each discipline to function effectively in a health care delivery system that is driven by business principles.

Admissions  To participate in the joint program, students must apply to and be accepted into both the Indiana University School of Medicine's Department of Public Health, Master of Health Administration program and the Indianapolis Kelley School of Business Master of Business Administration program.

Academic Standing  Grade point averages for the two schools are computed separately. To continue in the joint program, the student must meet the academic standards in each school. Students failing in one school but meeting academic standards in the other school may complete work for the degree in the school in which they are able to meet the standards. Such completion must be upon the same conditions as required of regular (noncombination) degree candidates. Students are eligible for honors in each school based on the criteria of each school.

Program Advisors  Once students have been accepted into this joint degree program, they should meet with academic advisors to plan course sequencing. All M.B.A. core courses must be taken as intact modules. Full-time students typically take two M.H.A. and two M.B.A. courses each semester. Part-time students take either two M.H.A. or two M.B.A. courses each semester. Since M.B.A. courses must be taken as a cohort, part-time students will need to sequence all the M.B.A. courses in a block.

Program Requirements (78 credit hours)

The following degree requirements are required of all students admitted to the program.

M.H.A. Requirements (39 credit hours)

Students are required to complete 34.5 credit hours of SPEA courses and to satisfy all requirements for the joint degree.

  • PBHL-H 501 U.S. Health Care: Systems, Policies, and Ethical Challenges (3 cr.)
  • SPEA-H 502 Developing Strategic Capability in Healthcare  (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 507 Management of Individual and Group Behavior (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 508 Managing Health Care Accounting Information for Decision Making (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 509 Financial Management Principles in Healthcare (3 cr.) (P: UG accounting)
  • PBHL-H 510 Health Services Financial Management (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 514 Health Economics (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 516 Health Services Delivery and the Law (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 518 Statistical Methods for Health Services (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 612 Marketing Health Services Delivery (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 623 Health Care Applications of Strategic Management (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 627 Seminar in Advanced Health Finance (3 cr.)
  • PBHL-H 702 Internship in Health Services Management (3 cr.) OR
  • PBHL-H 735 Research in Health Administration (3-6 cr.)
M.B.A. Requirements (39 credit hours)

Students are required to complete 39 credit hours of business administration courses and to satisfy all requirements for the joint degree. For specific guidelines, see the Indianapolis Kelley School of Business Graduate Bulletin.