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2006-2008 Undergraduate Studies Northwest Campus Bulletin: Undergraduate Course Descriptions



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Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER)

HPER E100 Experiences in Physical Education (1-2 cr.)
Instruction in a specified physical education activity that is not a regular offering of the Department of Kinesiology. Emphasis on development of skill and knowledge pertinent to the activity. (Fall, Spring)

HPER E102 Group Exercise (1 cr.)
A total fitness class that emphasize cardiorespiratory conditioning, flexibility, muscular endurance, and coordination through rhythmical body movement. Only S-F grades given. (Fall, Spring)

HPER E111 Basketball (1 cr.)
Instruction in fundamental skills of shooting, passing, ball handling, footwork, basic strategies of offensive and defensive play, and interpretation of rules. (Spring)

HPER E119 Personal Fitness (1-3 cr.)
Instruction in basic principles of conditioning and fitness. Emphasis on muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory endurance. For students without prior knowledge of conditioning methods. (Fall, Spring)

HPER E133 Fitness and Jogging I(1 cr.)
Beginning instruction in the basic principles of fitness as they apply to a jogging program. Emphasis on cardiorespiratory endurance and flexibility. Basic concepts underlying Dr. Kenneth Cooper’s aerobic program. For students without prior experience in jogging programs, aerobics levels I through III. Only S-F grades given. (Fall, Spring)

HPER E135 Golf (1 cr.)
Beginning instruction in techniques for putting, chipping, pitching, iron swing, and wood strokes. Rules and etiquette of golf. Students play on par3 courses. Fee charged. (Fall, Summer I, Summer II)

HPER E150 Karate (1 cr.)
Beginning instruction in techniques of blocking, kicking, striking, punching, limited free fighting, and self-defense. Student should achieve technical level of yellow belt. Karate uniform required. (Fall, Spring)

HPER E151 Self-Defense (1 cr.)
Instruction in techniques for practical self-defense skills and situations. No uniform required. (Fall, Spring)

HPER E187 Weight Training (1 cr.)
Instruction in basic principles and techniques of conditioning through use of free weights. Emphasis on personalized conditioning programs. Only S-F grades given. (Fall, Spring)

HPER E211 Intermediate Basketball (1 cr.)
Review of fundamental basketball skills including passing, dribbling, shooting, rebounding, and defense. Instruction in the principles of motion offense including spacing, screening, rebounding, and passing. Instruction in man-to-man defense and zone defenses. (Spring)

HPER E250 Karate—Intermediate (1 cr.)
P: yellow belt technical level or consent of instructor. Instruction in advance applications of basic techniques and free fighting. Students should achieve technical level of green belt. Karate uniform required. (Fall, Spring)

HPER H160 First Aid and Emergency Care (2 cr.)
Lecture and demonstration on first-aid measures for wounds, hemorrhage, burns, exposure, sprains, dislocations, fractures, unconscious conditions, suffocation, drowning, and poisons, with skill training in all procedures. (Fall, Spring, Summer I)

HPER H318 Drug Use in American Society (3 cr.)
An interdisciplinary approach to the study of drug use in American society. Examines the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and the “illicit” drugs on the physical, mental, and social health of individuals. (Summer I)

HPER H363 Personal Health (3 cr.)
This survey course provides a theoretical and practical treatment of the concepts of disease prevention and health promotion. Covers such topics as emotional health; aging and death; alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse; physical fitness; nutrition and dieting; consumer health; chronic and communicable disease; safety; and environmental health. (Fall, Spring)

HPER H414 Health Education in Grades K-8 (3 cr.)
Practical guidelines for developing health and safety education programs in grades K-8, including child health problems, school health service programs, the school environment, subject matter in health instruction, curriculum development, lesson and unit planning, innovative approaches to health teaching, and evaluation. (Fall, Spring)

HPER P290 Movement Experiences for Preschool and Elementary School Children (2 cr.)
Covers potential outcomes of preschool and elementary school motor development programs, how to implement such programs, and appropriate movement experiences for young children. Allows observation and teaching of young children in a structured gymnasium setting. (Spring, Summer II)

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