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Business and Economics (BUS)

BUS F517 Financial Markets and Institutions (3 cr.) P: BUNW B512. Study of the aggregation and distribution of financial resources. Includes analysis of the money and capital markets, financial instruments and securities, interest rate theory, and the public and private institutions of our financial system.

BUS F524 Investment Management (3 cr.) P: BUNW B512. Conceptual and analytical frameworks for formulating investment policies, analyzing securities, and constructing portfolio strategies for individuals and institutions.

BUS F527 Speculative Markets and Investment Strategies (3 cr.) P: BUNW B512. An in-depth analysis of the market for commodities, options, and real estate, and capital management within the legal, competitive, and economic environment.

BUS F575 Management of International Operations (3 cr.) P: BUNW B512. Financial management of foreign operations of the firm. Financial constraints of the international environment and their effect on standard concepts of financial management. Study of international currency flows, forward cover, and international banking practices.

BUS M503 Applied Marketing Research (3 cr.) P: BUNW B511, BUNW A512. An analytical information-based approach to solving major classes of marketing management problems, such as forecasting, market segmentation, and resource allocation. Case problem applications of problem structuring and marketing data collection, processing, and analysis.

BUS M550 Buyer Behavior (3 cr.) P: BUNW B511 or equivalent. Buyer behavior relevant to marketing decisions. Analysis of buyer capacities, capabilities, and motivations in relation to environmental factors and the marketing context. Implications for product design and promotion. Applications of behavioral sciences to buyer behavior. Survey of research methods and behavioral models. Discussion of contemporary issues in both consumer and industrial buyer behavior.

BUS S560 Management Information Systems Design and Applications (3 cr.) P: BUNW A516. Integration and application of the concepts, tools, and techniques learned in prior management of information systems courses using case and/or field studies. Consideration of the economic, organizational, behavioral, technical, legal, and other environmental contingencies in information systems design. Consideration of issues in project team management and systems integration.

BUS W511 New Venture Creation (3 cr.) Covers the entire breadth of the new venture creation process, from idea generation to financing the proposed venture. The course employs lectures and case analyses to introduce a substantive framework for new ventures. Students develop business plan proposals in teams and then simulate the negotiation process of obtaining capital.

BUS W516 Organization Development and Change (3 cr.) P: BUNW A515. Techniques for introducing and successfully managing change in complex organizations. Forces inducing change, organizational barriers to change, strategies for overcoming resistance to change, intervention techniques, and elements of effective programs for organizational change.

BUS W530 Organizations and Organizational Design (3 cr.) P: BUNW A515. Designing the basic organizational structure and the operating mechanisms that implement this basic structure. Design of the structure involves dividing and assigning the organization’s work among positions and work groups (departments). Operating mechanisms include control procedures, information systems, reward systems, and spatial arrangements. Theories and applications to a wide variety of organizations.

BUS Z514 Seminar in Industrial Relations (3 cr.) Explores current issues in industrial relations and human resource management, including management decisions about recruiting, testing, hiring, assessing performance, structuring compensation, and retaining workers. Current public policy issues will also be discussed.

BUS Z570 Organizational Behavior II (1.5 cr.) P: All foundation courses. Seminar in individual and group behavior in organizations. Major theories of motivation, leadership, group dynamics, and decision making are among the topics discussed. These topics will be discussed in depth since it is assumed that students will have had at least one previous course in organizational behavior. Discussion and experiential learning will be stressed.

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