Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs

BS in Informatics

Fine Arts Cognate

  • FINA-N 110 Introduction to Studio Art for Nonmajors
  • FINA-S 250 Introduction to Design Practice
  • FINA-D 210 Digital Art: Survey and Practice
Select three courses from one of the following areas:

Option I: Computer Art
  • FINA-D 310 Interactive Multimedia
  • FINA-D 318 3D Computer Graphics
  • FINA-D 410 Advanced Multimedia
  • FINA-D 418 Computer Graphical Environments
Option II: Graphic Design
  • FINA-S 351 Typography I
  • FINA-S 352 Production for the Graphic Designer
  • FINA-S 451 Graphic Design Problem Solving
Students also may consider computer-based courses in printmaking, photography, and video. All courses selected for the cognate must be approved by the School of Fine Arts. Students are cautioned to review prerequisite requirements for upper-level courses.

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